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4 Ways To Motivate Your Kids To Choose Healthier Drinks

It’s not hard to get kids to drink enough fluids; the problem is that if left to their own choices, they will almost always choose drinks with lots of sugar and zero nutritional value. Soda drinks can be addictive, and one of the leading causes of obesity is the unnecessary intake of sugar through beverages.

Many overweight children would not be so at all if they were only drinking beverages with minimal sugar. Something else to consider is that drinking healthy drinks is one of the best ways to enrich your body with vitamins and essential nutrients. If your kids are only drinking soda, they are missing out on daily opportunities to improve their health and immunity. As a parent, it would be best to do everything you can to ensure your kids make better choices and learn to love healthier drinks.

4 Ways To Motivate Your Kids To Choose Healthier Drinks

  1. Powdered Drinks

Powdered drinks are very convenient, they don’t need refrigeration, and they have a long shelf life. As long as you are careful to choose juice powders containing natural juices, limited sugar, and good nutritional content. Concentrated fruit juice drink powder can be just as delicious as natural juices. Powdered drinks can be a stepping stone to encouraging a healthier lifestyle because kids like mixing the drinks themselves. From there, you can move on to more sophisticated tastes.

  1. Adapt From What They Already Like

If you know the flavors your children already like, your next step is to introduce new flavors that pair well. This is a much better method than just telling them to drink something because that is all they will get. Make it an adventure to explore new flavors and do it with them like you are just learning too. Always try to include healthier options, and teach them to appreciate the different characteristics, not just liking something because it is sweet.

  1. Make It Special

Presentation is essential when it comes to food. Food that looks good usually tastes better. Parents need to have a bit of marketing skill when advancing their child’s palate. You can use special containers, rather than a regular glass or cup. You can use garnishes like an orange slice or a cherry. Make it an event and feel like they are experiencing a special treat.

  1. Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the best ways to deliver nutrition in a refreshing treat. They are very much like a milkshake, but you have the opportunity to load them up with goodness. Smoothies can be beneficial if you have a child that is a fussy eater, who isn’t getting much nutrition. This works well as long as they never get the impression that you are tricking them into eating things they consider yucky.

If you look at what most people drink on a regular basis, it is no wonder why there are so many health issues. Most of us fail to take advantage of the opportunity to use beverages to improve our health. It is possible to get most of our essential nutrients as liquids, but we often choose soda instead. You can break that cycle with your children by starting good habits and developing their taste for healthy, beneficial drinks that will strengthen their bodies and minds.

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  1. The best advice ever, my kids love smoothies and that way I get to throw in a vege while they not even aware and they still enjoy.

  2. Good read!!.. My son loves sugar too much, he never drinks water just juice and soda. Will definitely try to push him to start choosing healthier drinks. He loves smoothies, will have to incorporate healthy smoothies from now on.

  3. Awesome advice ?? I think another way children will be encouraged to drink healthy drinks is seeing parents do it as well. I also like using water enhancers.

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