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Mother’s Love Natural Products Review: Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

I love essential oils and I am also a huge fan of eco-friendly and natural products so when I was asked to do a review of Mother’s Love natural products for cleaning I was very eager to give them a go. Let’s just get one thing straight though, while I love essential oils and natural products one thing I am not a fan of is cleaning. So I was very interested to see how these products square up against my standard cleaning products that I use.

***Disclosure – This post is a trade exchange (the products were gifted in exchange for a review), the views remain my own***

Mother's Love Natural Products Review: Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

About Mother’s Love Natural Products

Mother’s Love Natural Products is an eco-friendly and non-toxic brand of cleaning products created by Ina. She suffers from allergies and needed to use natural products and through this decided to create her own amazing line of natural cleaning products.

I love the reason why she chose the name Mother’s Love – it is tough enough to get the job done while also being nurturing.

My Experience Using Mother’s Love Natural Products

I am very much in love with the Mother’s Love cleaning products, from the beautiful, refillable bottles to the fantastic results.

I’m a very reluctant housewife when it comes to cleaning and I simply don’t have the patience to mess around with products that don’t give me the best results for the least amount of effort from me. Maybe I’m lazy or missing some important housewife gene that some other women have, but while I really do love a clean house I’m not big on the steps to take to get there, so anything that makes this easier is a winner for me.

Mother's Love Dishwashing Gel

Mother’s Love Dishwashing Gel

The product I love the most is the dishwashing gel. I’ve always used Sunlight Liquid and while many years ago I tried a few other brands none have ever come close to standing up to it. That is until now.

I was honestly very surprised at how beautifully it foams and how well it washes my dishes. When it came to testing it out on a very greasy roasting dish after making roast chicken it blew me away. I let the dish soak for about an hour in soapy water and the dish came clean without even scrubbing it.

There is one way that I think Sunlight Liquid has the upper hand on Mother’s Love dishwashing gel and that is that Sunlight Liquid can wash more dishes before needing to run a new sink of water. However I am still able to do a lot of dishes and it still outperforms other brands I have used.

The ways that Mother’s Love wins over Sunlight Liquid is that I can actually smell the lemon and orange in it, it is natural, it outperforms on very dirty dishes and it does not dry my hands out as much as Sunlight Liquid does. I love the fresh smell after washing the dishes with Mother’s Love dishwashing gel.

Washing dishes is the one chore that I am forced to do every day (although truthfully I have considered investing in bulk paper plates) so this is the product that I have really been making use of the most and the one that has impressed me the most.

Multipurpose Cleaner

This is my second favourite product from Mother’s Love and the second most used since I’m constantly wiping down counters and surfaces. Along with wiping down surfaces I’ve also been using this for cleaning my stove, shower, bath and basins.

The Mother’s Love multipurpose cleaner also surprised me in a big way. I use Mr Muscle Glass & Surface Cleaner to clean my surfaces and I use Handy Andy to clean the shower, bath and basin. I never thought that this natural product would do as good a job and it does.

For the tougher jobs such as the stove and in the bathroom you need to spray it on and leave it for a while before cleaning. It works like a charm. I love the lemon scent that it leaves behind.

The multipurpose cleaner is also available in Tea Tree & Lemon essential oils.

Glass Cleaner

The glass cleaner is ammonia-free and works incredibly well. It leaves my glass, mirrors and screens clean and streak-free. To use it to clean your device’s screens first spray it on a cloth before wiping the screen clean. The fresh grapefruit smell is fantastic.

Mother's Love Floor Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

I have always used Sunlight Liquid to clean my floors since I’m not a fan of the floor cleaners I’ve tried in the past. I don’t like the way that they smell and I have not liked using harsh cleaners on my floors.

The Mother’s Love floor cleaner is perfect for me. It is gentle on my floor while doing a great job of cleaning it and the smell is amazing. It has cedarwood and rose geranium oils in it and this leaves my home smelling fresh and clean.

Mother's Love Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitizer

The hand sanitizer is suitable for your hands and for surfaces. It has 70% natural alcohol which is made from cane sugar rather than from petroleum. It is biodegradable and less harsh on your hands.

I love that is gentler on the skin and I can feel the difference. I received a 500ml refillable bottle for the hand sanitizer as well as a small bottle suitable for my handbag. I take this sanitizer with when I go out and my kids and I use our own now before entering shops. We can feel the difference when we have to go in and out of shops while running errands.

My husband has also told me how much he loves the hand sanitizer and he is big on sanitizing, so that is an excellent reference from him.

Washing Powder

The washing powder also surprised me since I am very fussy about my washing powder. I use Skip washing powder which does a great job cleaning our clothing. The only issue I’ve had lately with Skip is that there is often washing powder residue left on some of the clothing. I’ve been considering switching to the washing liquid.

The Mother’s Love O2 Stain Remover and Washing Powder works beautifully. Our laundry is coming out clean and fresh. A huge bonus for me is that there has not been any washing powder residue left on any clothing. It is chlorine free and degrades into carbon dioxide, ions and oxygen.

Ina Mother's Love
Ina and Mother’s Love Natural Products at Freedom Village Market


I highly recommend you try out Mother’s Love Natural Products. They are effective, natural, eco-friendly and smell amazing.

I’m also a huge fan of supporting other women entrepreneurs in South Africa and it is so easy to do that when the products are superb. I got to meet Ina at the Freedom Village Market market when I collected the products from her. She is so passionate and enthusiastic about her products and it is not hard to see why.

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