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9 Best Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Household

It is essential that we all cut down on our carbon footprints and teach our children how to look after the earth and live more eco-friendly lifestyles. We live in an era that is taking a heavy toll on the earth and the survival of not only the human race, but all other living things and the earth depends on the way that we all conduct ourselves moving forward.

9 Best Tips For a More Eco-Friendly Household

Say No To Single Use Plastic

You must have seen all the videos doing the rounds of the sea of plastic in the ocean? Single use plastics are inevitably going to land up as pollution. As far as you possibly can try and avoid buying any products that come in single use plastic.

Many countries around the world are now banning single use plastics, but there are many countries that are not there yet. Some countries still give plastic bags to customers to take their groceries home in.

Make sure to purchase yourself some tote bags to carry home all your shopping. This fun organic tote bag will be the perfect buy since it is made from organic cotton which will save on plastic use, it will also send a great message out into the world.

Eat Plant Based

One of the biggest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to start eating a plant based diet, not to mention the fact that you will not be taking part in animal slaughter and cruelty.

There are incredible health benefits associated with going vegan and it is the best way to fight climate change, save water, prevent pollution, preserve the rain forests and protect endangered species.

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Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food will drastically reduce not only your expenses but also provide you with an amazing way to avoid single use plastics at the store.

Eating your own homegrown organic food will help with preventing soil erosion. protect the ground water quality, reduce pollution. save on energy and produce fresh oxygen.

Eating homegrown food will provide you with many health benefits since you will be eating food that is fresher and  grown without fertilizers and pesticides.

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Have A Compost Heap

If you are going to be growing your own food or if you have your own garden you will really want to make your own compost. It makes so much sense to rather use your waste to create compost than to throw it away.

This is an amazing way to not only reduce the waste of your household, but also to create your own natural fertilizer.

Upcycle, Recycle & Repair

Make a commitment not to throw things away. An obvious and easy thing to do is to recycle all plastic, glass, paper and tins but have you ever thought of trying to make use of the things you have instead of recycling or throwing anything out?

There are so many useless things that not only cost money, but create a huge amount of needless waste. One good example is wrapping paper. Not all wrapping paper can be recycled yet many households all over the world wrap gifts with expensive wrapping paper. Why not make use of old newspaper to wrap gifts in – if you want to jazz it up to look special you can paint it and tie it with string.

Instead of buying plastic containers to store food and other items in keep the containers that your food comes in, for example your margarine containers. They make perfect storage containers.

There are many people that buy things such as small electronic goods then throw it out and replace it with a new item when it stops working. It may be something as small as replacing a fuse or rewiring the electrics. Make sure to try and repair something before replacing it. Yes it is true that the cost and effort may be more to replace small items, but you need to weigh this up against the impact it will have on the environment.

Buy Reusable Products Rather Than Disposable

There are so many disposable products on the market when you can choose to buy reusable products. This applies to almost everything you use – from menstrual products and baby diapers  to razor blades.

DIY – Make Your Own

Whether it is your baking your own bread or make your own household cleaning goods, toiletries and soaps or revamping your home decor -try and do it all yourself. It will not only provide you with some fulfilling and fun hobbies, but it will also be a huge help for the environment.

Be Smart & Energy Saving

Unplug any device and turn of any light that is not in use to save on power. Make use of energy efficient light bulbs and make sure that all your household appliances are smart appliances that will make use of the minimum amount of resources needed to run efficiently.

Buy Second Hand

There is nothing wrong with buying second hand items, in fact you may find that the quality of second hand goods is better than buying brand new in a lot of cases. We live in a throw away society where the quality of products has gone down the tubes. Things are no longer made to last. Anything that is being sold second hand has already stood the test of time.

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