Working Mothers Expo 2016

Working Mothers Expo

If you are a working mother you just won’t want to miss the Working Mothers Expo which is taking place on 04 – 06 November 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

I know that I am going to try my best to make it there because I can so relate to Janice and why she started Working Mothers Expo.

I love being a mom and I love working, but unfortunately these two loves don’t always fit together so well do they?

I have changed my career now to being a mommy blogger simply because I love it and it is the most mommy friendly career that I can have. This doesn’t mean that working is now easy and everything just slides into place.

I have my good days and I have my bad days, which can quite frankly be really bad…

What keeps me going is that I know there are so many other mommies in the same position as me that want to be a great mommy but also want to have a successful career.

So here’s hoping I can fit it into my busy schedule to make it up to the Working Mothers Expo this year.



Don’t miss the Working Mother’s Expo being featured tomorrow (Wednesday 12 October) on Cliff Central at 10am!



The Story Behind the Working Mothers Expo

Janice Windt, Founder and MD of the Working Mothers Expo, in partnership with MiWayLife, had a son of nine months old and was pregnant with her second when she was offered the career opportunity of a lifetime. Thrilled and devastated at the same time, Janice was at a cross road that so many women face: can I be the mother I want to be and also have a thriving and fulfilling career? Today, she has started a movement with her fellow working mothers: to remind us that there is support and inspiration out there and that It is possible to make life work if you’re willing to ask for the help you need.

Every woman’s story is different. We all have different circumstances, goals and ambitions, but work life integration is a juggle that every working mother has to learn how to manage. Our careers are often a vital part of our identity and sense of purpose. But when our families come along, we are faced with a transition both at home and at work which isn’t easy to manage and, often, something has to give.

This was Janice’s experience, and that of many of her colleagues and friends: “I started speaking to other working mothers and realised that many of them were struggling with similar things. Many of them were making decisions that they regretted. They were trying hard to cope and putting on a brave face. My heart started to break for these women – for all of us.”

Janice became so passionate about giving voice to the struggles working mothers were facing that she started a blog and eventually interviewed over one hundred working mothers from seventeen countries around the world.

“It was such a privilege to speak to all these women from different backgrounds and cultures and to have them open up to me about their lives. I realised that the challenges we face are not unique. Working motherhood is a challenge. If you find it hard, trust me, you are not alone.”

The Working Mothers Expo brings together everything working mothers need under one roof.  Working mothers need to realise they are not alone, get access to the help and inspiration they desperately need and have a moment that is, quite simply, all about them.

To get in touch with Janice and her team and to find out more about the Working Mothers Expo you can visit www.workingmothersexpo.comTickets are available at Computicket


Working Mothers Expo November 2016


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  1. Will it only be in JHB? Would be great if there was one in Cape Town aswell

  2. Is this an annual thing? Obviously I’ve missed it this year but would definitely love to attend something like this 🙂

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