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5 Reasons To Make Use Of Messaging Platforms For Your Business

So much is changing in the way that businesses market and manage their business communications. Twenty years ago business relied on telephonic and fax communication as their main methods of communication with customers and suppliers. Advertising and marketing efforts were conducted through traditional advertising  methods such as newspapers, telephone books, magazines, radio and television.

With the internet and mobile devices becoming household items in every home, digital marketing is now the main form of communication for every business as well as every individual. Businesses now rely heavily on messaging platforms such as IPX to run their businesses.

Increased Problem-solving

Business owners and managers need to be able to take immediate action when there is a problem. Making use of a messaging platform enables a business team to be in contact with employees, suppliers and customers instantly and right from their mobile device. Sharing of documents and other information is also instantaneous.

Adaptible and Mobile

Instant messaging can be accepted from a mobile phone, office computer or from a website. Having mobile access means that employees can attend to communication while traveling, during a business meeting, while working from home or while in transit in between destinations while on the road. The result is that communication is constant and reliable.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Many companies are now making use of AI and VR for many things including to create a better user experience and for communication that is immersive. More and more businesses are making use of Chatbots as an essential and useful communication tool by integrating artificial intelligence and virtual reality into their communication platforms.

These bots can be tailored according to the unique requirements of each business. There are loads of bot-building platforms available on the market each with unique capabilities and unique features.


The process of digitalization has been a major shift happening for many businesses in recent times. This means that businesses are becoming digital businesses, making use of digital trends and tools. Information transparency and interoperability are now key components of businesses today.

This process of digitalizing an organization relies heavily upon messaging platforms. The company is then able to connect with employees immediately and update them, to solve problems fast and efficiently, make decisions quickly and instantaneously align the production team with the entire company.

Real time notifications and the ability to send and receive documents instantly from employees and third parties results in the workflow process is becoming enhanced and accelerated.

Cyber Security

Security is essential for every business, and with the trend of business digitalization, cyber security is vital. Data protection and security questions are a big concern for digital businesses. Messaging platforms can contain strong encryption with the manager having the control and being able to see what is sent and being able to set the permission on what can be shared.

Messaging platforms enable businesses to protect confidential information, intellectual property and data as well as ensure cyber security. Businesses today are in constant need of synchronization for overall efficient functioning.

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  1. Digital marketing is now the main form of communication for every business as well as every individual especially now during this Pandemic. It’s a safe way and most useful to promote your business at the comfort of your Home. #StayHome #StaySafe

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