How I Made Over $600+ On Clixsense – And You Can Too!

Making extra income is always awesome and Clixsense has been no different – I have now made over $600 on Clixsense and you can too if you put your mind to it. I regularly post my affiliate link on social media for moms to sign up and make money from Clixsense and the most common questions I am asked is if it is legit and if it works.

The answer is yes to both. I have never had a problem being paid by Clixsense and I have been earning money on Clixsense since 2015. When I first started with Clixsense I signed up to write a review on my online marketing blog and the truth is I didn’t like it, but as it turns out I didn’t give it enough of a chance. After I published my review, which was a bit negative, I had a number of people tell me I had gotten it wrong and I had not given it enough of a chance.

A few months later I decided to give it another chance and I kept at it for a few weeks – the results surprised me and I had to go back and update my original review.

Now I have seen loads of claims online about making $100 a day on online survey sites and I don’t believe those to be true at all. I have tried loads of survey sites and the truth is that the pay is low per survey and it takes quite a bit of time to do the surveys, in addition to that there are not unlimited surveys available for you to do.

This is just the nature of doing online surveys – you can read my article Paid Online Surveys – A Realistic Look At Online Surveys which will give you the pros and cons of earning extra money from home doing online surveys.

Now what I do is take some online surveys when I get the time, which is honestly not often, but what I mostly concentrate on is marketing Clixsense and this is what has brought in the most income for me from Clixsense.

Watch my video to see the inside my Clixsense account and exactly what I did to make my $600+. You can sign up to Clixsense here.

My advice to you is to sign up and follow what I have done. It won’t be quick to start earning but over time your earnings will increase and you will start to make money every day like me.

The first step would be for you to start making money online taking surveys and if you have a blog write a review and share your experience with using Clixsense. If you aren’t a blogger then you can still make Youtube videos and even Facebook videos and share your affiliate link. You can also share your link on social media to gain referrals.

I’ve found it a small side income, but a very welcome one, especially since the work I put in to promote Clixsense pays off for a long time to come and my earnings add up. As you can see in my video I have over $90 sitting in my Clixsense account right now ready for me to cash out whenever I need it.

Click Here To Sign Up To Clixsense

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  1. Thank you for the article Lynne. I have already created a profile for Clixsense and will definitely be giving it a try. Every little bit counts and taking surveys is usually something that is quick and easy to complete. With just a few minutes a day to spare in our busy lives. I’m sure every extra rands we can make somewhere counts towards some goal in the end.

  2. Thank you. This sounds interesting. Of course, my biggest concern is always whether a site is genuine or a scam, so it is good to know that Clixsense is trustworthy. I have recently come across so many moms who work from home, and I have been so impressed by the constant ingenuity that moms show in finding work that fits whatever their family and lifestyle setups require. I am keen to earn a little extra income, so I am always interested to read about legit options, Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you @Lynne, for offering us this wonderful opportunity.

    I have registered online, the surveys are rather lengthy compared to other online surveys. I have completed one survey thus far which was approximately 20 minutes and earned 0.73 dollars.

    I have been registered with Valued Opinions and their surveys are long but their pay out per survey is well worth the while. Valued Opinions don’t work on cash outs but rather you can be issued with vouchers, I normally cash out for Takealot vouchers.

    How do we cash out from Clixsense?
    I will continue completing surveys and see if there is any progress on my side.

  4. Hi Ronitha

    Not all the surveys are the same length and the same payout. Each survey has an approximate time it will take to complete listed along with the payout for the survey so you can decide whether it is worth your while. Some I that I have completed only took a few minutes, others took half an hour so it really is luck of the draw.

    You cash out from Clixsense to an international payment processor – I use payoneer – and then you cash out from Payoneer to your bank account 🙂

    • Thank you @Lynne, I have been doing surveys, some are interesting and some are not.
      It is on average about 10 dollars that can be made in a week, I am not always answering surveys only once I have a free few minutes I go online.
      It is overall a good earning opportunity provided there is no time constraints on the individuals that are completing the surveys.

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