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7 Tips On How Mompreneurs Can Sell On AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is an excellent place for selling your goods online. In this post, we will share tips on how mompreneurs can sell on AWS Marketplace.

Check the Requirements and Complete the Banking and Tax Wizard

The best way to begin is by reviewing the requirements under the “Getting Started as a Seller Documentation” tab. There are various registration requirements which are based on where you are operating from and the types of products you are looking to list. First, you must complete the tax registration and banking wizard before BYOL (bring your own license), or paid product can be listed. Therefore, it is recommended to complete the tax registration and banking soon after you have signed up as a seller. 

For US entities, a US bank and W-9 bank account is a requirement. Members from the European Union State must provide a W-8, VAT number and US bank account. If you currently do not have a US bank account, you can register for a virtual account from Hyper wallet after you have submitted your tax information on the AWS Marketplace platform. A member from their team will contact you with regards to the next steps.

Think about signing up for extra seller services

There are many other services that can help you with selling your products on the AWS Marketplace portal.

  • Seller Private Offers – allowing you to negotiate special prices privately.
  • AWS Marketplace Enhanced Data Sharing Program – emphasizes on offering enhanced buyer info in order to pay your sales team.
  • AWS Marketplace Tax Calculation Service – which permits US sales and Use tax collected from your customers to be factored in with your monthly disbursement.
  • Product Support Connection – permits AWS customers to give their contact information to get and access product support from you.
  • AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics Service – gives you programmatically access to the customer information.

While you can opt in for these services whenever you wish, we recommend doing so prior to submitting your listings. These valuable tools give you more insight into your customer base and give you a better understanding of your sales.

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Make sure you understand the AWS fees

Before submitting a product, first review the pricing structure documentation to ensure you are fully aware of the rates and fees that are defined by AWS.

Browse through the product policies

To speed up your publishing process, you must first ensure the product is complete before submitting it. All products are vetted by the AWS Marketplace before they get published.  Product submissions that do not adhere to the requirements set by AWS Marketplace will be returned for revision.

Planning is key

Bear in mind that your product listing might need multiple iterations. To ensure you have an idea of a realistic publishing timeline, look at the timing and expectations section and plan your release dates accordingly.

Make sure all your marketing content is ready for publishing

Once a product is published, make sure you communicate it with the world. It is useful to include availability details of your product and if you are planning on marketing your products, it helps to have all the marketing content ready before submitting your products so that you can market them immediately after the listing has gone live.

Familiarize yourself with the buyer’s help channels

To ensure you are getting the best support, make sure your request is submitted through the appropriate channels in the AWS Marketplace portal.

  • Contact us tab – For support requests
  • Buyer refunds – For authorizing buyer refund requests through the support tab
  • Self-service publishing – Place your request under the listings tab.
  • Product load forms – For uploading products through the file upload tab.
  • Seller reports – Where you get all your seller reports, via the reports tab.


We hope these seven tips on how mompreneurs can sell on AWS Marketplace has been useful to you. If you want to start selling your products on the platform, be sure to sign up as a seller and keep this guide as reference.

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