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Why I want to be a mommy blogger

Why I want to be a mommy blogger

Hi mommies, I hope you have all been well.

I am sorry to have been so quiet the last few months.. it has been an interesting journey and I want to share with you what’s been going on.

So my journey with Kaboutjie has been an amazing one and I have loved every bit of it… until recently. I have felt a change in me and it has come on suddenly. My passion for supplying products has… well… gone. Yes just gone.

I started Kaboutjie just after my daughter was born. I knew nothing about manufacturing clothing, I knew nothing about social media and I knew nothing about running a store, online or offline.

In the last 4 years I have built this business and grown a great social media following.  I also opened a little store in my area which I ran for 2 years and then closed. It was too much for me to manage an online store and a walk in store. There is only so much one person can do! I grew my business from selling products retail to adding a wholesale store which is very popular.

In this time I have found what I really want to do…. I want to be a mommy blogger!

Have I gone crazy? Lost the plot completely? Read on and you decide..

Why I want to be a mommy blogger

I don’t have to hold any products

Yes I know, Kaboutjie has always been an online baby and toddler that holds products. But there is a cost to either buying or manufacturing the products. Then you have to manage the stock. You have to promote the product and market to sell the products.

Then there is the packaging and distribution. Let’s face it, the post office has gone to shit hasn’t it? And courier’s are expensive, well maybe not for the massive stores but for a little concern like mine the costs go to the customer and paying R95 for a courier is just not always viable is it?

I can have multiple websites in different passions, creating multiple income streams

Yes you got it. Being a mommy is not the only thing I do, I have lots of other interests and I can have a website for each one. This means I can create different ways to earn an income. Here are two websites I built in 2015:

Living With Addiction is a website I created to share my story about my addiction journey and how I got clean. Who knows, maybe I can save some lives? How awesome would that be?

Small Online Business Opportunity is a website I created to help others make money online. So if you are interested in starting your own online business check that out.

I plan to start some more websites this year and really get myself into this.

I don’t have to rely on anyone else

Yes you heard it. I hate having to rely on other people. Whether it is an employee, or the SA Post Office or a supplier of fabric.

I don’t want to be negative here but I am disappointed. This may be the fact that I consider service and quality to be essential. I expect everyone to have a high level of service and quite frankly I get let down constantly.

And if I get let down by others, how can I in turn give the great level of service and quality I strive for? Simply put I just plain can’t. This leads to upset and stress.

Being a mommy blogger means I hold all the control. I don’t have to rely on anyone for anything. Everything I do is my own.

I can be myself, truly myself

This is a big one. I have written plenty of posts here on Kaboutjie and each time I have felt a restriction because I am a business that supplies a product, I must be professional and act in a certain way.

Did you notice I said “shit” earlier? Well yes sometimes I feel the need to. When we are talking about where the post office has gone to is that not the right word to use?

Well being a professional entity that provides products it is not quite right to swear in your blogs…

So take this review I did on a book for my addiction website, now that I have decided to change everything I can share this!

Umm if you don’t like swearing I suggest you don’t watch it. If you like swearing you will love it and I suggest you buy the book.

So yes, Fuck It.. I just want to be me!

I can take a break when I need to or want to…

And nobody will care! Yes I can decided to take the day off and go swimming with my kids. If they are ill I won’t have to panic about how I will get orders out or attend to queries!

I won’t need to take my phone with me or worry about replying to an email… because you know what? I won’t have any products to send anyone!

I am feeling this great need to take more time off and spend it with my children. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. They sit in aftercare till 5pm every day.

This is not the vision I had when I thought I would open my own business. The vision I had was of being more free and spending more time with my children. At least when you work for someone else you can bunk a day, still get paid for it and not feel guilty.

I have my own business, I have customers that email me and phone me. I can’t not be available. .

I want to break free…

I can work from wherever I want to

Yes as long as I can connect I can work. This means I can go visit my parents or sisters whenever I want to. I can travel and not have a worry in the world.

I want to build a future for my family

And I just don’t see Kaboutjie products being it. Yes I can slave away manufacturing wholesale products and sending them off. I can make retail products and send them off… but this is all in the South African Rand.

Hello, have you seen the state of our currency? Not a chance am I going to slave away for our currency anymore, I want USD and I am starting to earn in USD.

Earning in USD will help my little family so much and secure a lovely future for my kids.

Goodbye Kaboutjie?

I bet now you are wondering whether I am going to shut down Kaboutjie completely? Not a chance I love this website, I love what I have built up.

I just hope that you are going to love where I take you next.

The truth is that I am not quite sure where I will be taking you next but I can promise you that the blogs I write are going to be much for fun from now on!

I might be offering advertising for other mommy businesses, perhaps I might even start with offering guest blogs here on my website, doing product reviews, business reviews… who knows?

What I will start with is getting rid of all the products I still have in stock, so check out my online store… while I still have it because everything is going at just insane prices. Everything MUST go so I can start on my new journey, I can’t get started changing my website until the products are gone. Consider it a parting gift!

So mommies, talk to me please, tell me what you think! Please leave a comment so I can get a feel for how you, my readers receive this juicy piece of news?


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