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Time to get My Sexy Back!

Time to Get my Sexy Back

I am a woman AND a mom, it is time to get my Sexy Back!

My life has changed completely since having children. Some of it has been quite shocking, like my boobs that look more like bananas than the “melons” I used to have. Yes some of it is age as I am heading towards 36 years old, but the changes since I had children have been huge. I take off my bra and these boobs take a plunge. Probably the only reason they don’t hit my knees and bounce back up is because my bulging stomach keeps them in place!

But it is so much more than just my body after birth: the flabby, stretch-marked stomach and saggy boobs.I used to take care of myself and feel good about myself (and I had plenty of time to do that). Mornings now consist of breastfeeding, packing lunches, changing nappies, brushing babies teeth and wiping bums. I find everyone by the door ready to go on time, all scrubbed up, looking smart and ready for the day and I look down at myself in horror and realise I have about 30 seconds to do my hair, get dressed, wash my face and brush my teeth. The days of getting myself ready and spending time deciding what I am going to wear are long gone. I now pull on my trusty jeans, a pair of flat shoes and the closest relatively clean top. As long as my clothing doesn’t have poop or puke on it that fits the requirements for the day. I arrive at the creche looking like a dogs breakfast and see all the other moms dropping their kids off looking like they have just stepped out of a salon and I wonder how on earth they do it?

I don’t know if other moms are the same, but when my 1st baby was 2 months old I realised I had been wearing my PJ’s every day, yes I washed them but I didn’t bother getting dressed every morning because I was just so tired and spent all my time breastfeeding and lying on the bed with my baby. I didn’t know it at the time but I am sure I had PND. When I realised I was only managing to brush my teeth at 11am every day and only put clothes on if someone was coming to visit I made a conscious effort to get up every morning, get dressed and washed immediately. And it was an effort for me. After the birth of my 2nd baby I made sure that from day 1 I got up and dressed for the day immediately.

BC (before children) every week I would have a bath night that would consist of washing, conditioning and treating my hair, shaving (yes everywhere not just a rush armpit job!), a facial etc. I would then blow dry my hair nicely, lather myself in some lekker cream and I was ready for the week ahead. This is a thing of the past. If I get in the bath now I fall asleep within minutes. I wake up in a cold bath, wrinkled like a prune, hair not washed, still hairy as a baboon and freezing cold. I jump out, dry myself and climb into bed. Not very productive but at least I catch up on a bit of sleep behind closed doors where nobody can disturb me.

I want my sexy back! I have never been a sexy, model type but I did feel good about myself and look groomed and smart when I went out. The focus of my life has turned completely towards my kids and my husband. I have not bought any new clothing for myself since the children arrived and I find myself looking grubby and worn on a constant basis.

2015 is going to be a year of change for me. I am going to work on fitness, health and looking after myself again. I am going to get some sexy new underwear, pull out all my high heels, blow dry my hair and put some make up on.

I challenge any mom that is feeling the same to join me in a mission to Get Our Sexy Back! I will be sharing my progress as I go so feel free to comment and give feedback.

How do you feel about yourself as a woman after having a baby?

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