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Mommies What’s for Supper?

I hate the daily question of What’s for Supper? I don’t know about other moms but having to cook a nutritious, tasty meal every day takes its toll on me. I run out of ideas and leave things to the last minute. When the end of the work day approaches I only then start trying to remember what meat I have in the freezer and what fresh veggies I have. Do I need to stop off at the shops to get something to complete the meal. Then I try and work out how much time I have from getting home until the meal needs to be ready and what I can get done with 2 kids hanging on me, fighting for my attention.

I need to get more organized and plan, I need balance! I am sure if I put more thought into it ahead of time it will make the whole daily routine a lot easier on me. One of the plans I had at the start of this year was to take food out the freezer the night before and chuck it in the slow cooker in the morning. The days I do remember this it makes the following day so much easier. I am also trying to get extra food cooked and frozen for those mommy days when I am too tired to get anything done after work so that I avoid getting take-aways.

Pre-kids I enjoyed cooking. I had the time to cook whatever I wanted. I only had to please myself and cook what I liked instead of taking into account a fussy 3 year old. I could finish cooking any time I liked instead of a deadline of 6h30pm and if the food isn’t ready by then I have 2 overtired, over hungry kids that refuse to eat and just scream and cry. And the best is if I didn’t feel like cooking I didn’t have to, now I have a family that needs a healthy meal every night!

Am I the only one with this daily terror looming over me, or do other mommies also struggle? What tips can you share that make this daily task easier?

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