Homemade Popsicles: 5 Different Frozen Summer Treats

I just came across this homemade popsicles video by Gemma Stafford and I am itching to try out that chocolate one! It looks so tasty and I know it will be such a hit with my kids.

Gemma shares 5 lovely different flavors in her video, you have to check this out.

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  1. Sjoe these look so devine…it looks so fruity and enjoyable i will try them we have those contianers as kids where my mom used to ice us lollies and she passed it on to me so i can make us lollies will be nice and bring back memories.

  2. @lynne is it my device using my cellphone i watched the video like the post and comment i see my points didnt change when i liked the post so i go out and in then it wasnt liked do the same a few time i must keep on liking this post for some reason sofar i can see its only this post i was able to watch video and like the post which doesnt stay liked and i can also comment not sure whats going on if you might know why?

  3. I am not a fozen fruit person so I will have to opt for the chocolate lol me and my sweet tooth hehe

  4. Wow it’s real look delicious I will surely try fruits one

  5. Its good for summer i will try to make them when the winter is gone i and my son will enjoy our home made ice cream,most what i love about them is that they fruitst

  6. wow i defnitely going to try it out …looks delicious

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