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Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Are you busy organizing a baby shower for someone special? Part and parcel of  a baby shower , along with all the presents and baby shower cakes, is to play fun baby shower games.

Here are some great baby shower games ideas to make a special friend’s baby shower even more fun and entertaining:

Baby Face

Get photo’s of mom and dad enlarged. Make copies and cut out their facial features. Get copies of a baby’s face made. Get each party member to stick mom or dad’s facial features on the baby’s face to see what baby might look like. Lots of fun and the results can be very amusing!

Baby Telephone

One guest must think of a baby tip and whisper it into the ear of the next guest. That person must whisper it into the ear of the guest next to her and so on until all the guests have heard the tip. Once everyone has heard the tip the last guest to hear it must say it out loud. Chances are that the tip will be jumbled up.

Don’t say Baby

Each person that arrives gets a diaper pin when they arrive. Once all the guests have arrived tell them they are not allowed to say the word “baby”. If a guest hears someone else saying the word “baby” she can steal the pin of the person that said “baby”. At the end of the party the guest with the most pins wins a prize.

Guess the Baby

Each guest that comes to the party must bring a photo of herself as a baby. Put each picture on the wall at the party and give each photo a number. Have each guest guess which photo corresponds with each guest. The guest that gets the most correct matches wins a prize. You could alternatively have each guest attach a photo of themselves as a baby to their gift. When the mommy to be opens the presents she must guess who the present is from.

Guess Baby items in Bag

Fill a diaper bag with baby essentials. This gets passed around the room and each guest must stick their hand in and guess what is in the bag without looking in. The guest that has the most correct items wins a prize and mommy to be gets the bag as a gift.

Drink up Baby

Fill baby bottles with a beverage and have a downing competition. The guest to finish drinking her bottle first wins a prize.

Feed the Baby

Get some applesauce, bowls, spoons, bibs and blindfolds ready. Divide the guests into teams of 2 people. Every player gets a bib, a blindfold, a bowl of applesauce and a spoon. The 2 team members must feed each other at the same time. Each team must be timed to see how long they take to feed each other. The team that is the quickest wins a prize.

What baby shower games did you have at your baby shower?

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