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7 Tips To Make Friends As A New Mom

Losing friends during pregnancy and motherhood is sometimes part of the deal. You don’t talk often because you don’t have the luxury of time you had before your child. This often leads to losing connection with friends.

But being a new mom isn’t a piece of cake. You wish to have a friend with whom you can laugh, cry, rant and share the crazy ride of being a new mom. Making friends as a new mom is an overwhelming task. Luckily, we have a few ideas which could help you in making friendships. However, you should also check Unbrave Girl for tips on relationships, marriage and more.

Here are some of our crazy ideas…

7 Tips To Make Friends As A new Mom

  1. Knock Your Neighbor’s Door

Starting a friendship with your neighbor is a great idea because you’ll be close to them and that increases the chances of meeting often which leads to a connection. You shouldn’t shy away from women who are older than you or have more kids, because after all, they’re moms too. But if your neighbor has a child about the same age as yours, then you’ve hit a jackpot. You can plan playdates, take your kids to the park, organize get-togethers, meet up for teatime, and have so much fun.

  1. Enroll In A Hobby Class

Hobby classes are a great means to make friendships with people who share the same interests as yours. If you already have a hobby or an interest in certain activities, then search for its classes in your area. If you don’t, then take up hobby classes where you might find mom’s your age. Maybe along the way, you may pursue a new hobby.

  1. Make The First Move

This is for those extrovert mum’s who can’t be bothered searching for spaces to meet new people but desperately want to. You can organize get-togethers or playdates with other moms instead of waiting for an invite. Because nothing starts amazing friendships like a fun lady’s night out does.

  1. Join A Mom Group

There are several new mom clubs and groups for moms with babies as young as 6 months old. There must be one in your locality as well. Mom groups offer you support and motivation while having fun of your own. Research about them and join the group which suits you and your child the best.

  1. Meet Other Moms

The easiest ways to find new friends is when your kid starts playschool or pre-school. Start a conversation or just hang out after school with the moms of your kid’s friends, you may be surprised to find out the similar interests you share with them. You can even offer a ride from and to school. All of this leads to the development of a bond.

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  1. Turn To Social Media

Social media has been helping millions of people to connect, with people choosing their spouses on it. Then how can it not help new moms find new friendships? You can search for mom groups in your city on Facebook, find mom bloggers on Instagram and so on. Simply reach out or leave a comment which could start a conversation. But make sure the person or the group you’re contacting are genuine and not on the social media for only like and gains.

  1. Put Yourself Out There

Making new friendships as an adult is difficult, but being an introvert is a whole different challenge. You don’t like to initiate a conversation or make plans and find comfort in your own space. But if you want to make new mom friends, you must put yourself out there. When you take your child for a stroll, you can start a conversation with your neighbor. A small conversation takes you a long way. Also, if you don’t make plans, then don’t refuse the invites you receive. Go out there, meet new people, maybe you’ll find great friendships.

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