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5 Reasons Why You Should Read To Your Children Every Day

Why you should be reading to your children every day

I come from a family of great readers. When I was in school there was no internet to browse and find a good blog post to read, no eBooks or Kindle. We had to actually go down to the library and browse around.

I remember that we were each allowed 5 books and we could keep them for 3 weeks before they had to either be renewed or returned.

My mom, two sisters and I would each get 5 books and then we would read each others books. That was 20 books for us each to read in 3 weeks and we all usually read them all.

My older sister, the biggest bookworm would be staring over my shoulder wondering when I would put my book down for a break so she could swipe it and read it quickly. She read so fast that you could leave your book for just one hour and she would have devoured it!

Then long before the 3 weeks was up she would be pushing all of us to finish our books so we could go back to the library to get some more.

Needless to say as soon as my daughter was born I was buying her books. She couldn’t even hold her head up and I was reading her bedtime stories.

My husband a “non-bookworm” told me he just did not understand it. She can’t understand what I am saying and she can’t even see far enough to see the pictures or understand what they are.

Yes that is true, but books are not just about the pictures and understanding the story are they? Books are about bonding, spending quality time together and letting your baby hear your voice.

I love reading and I come from a huge family of bookworms. From the moment my kids were born I knew I would be reading to them and hopefully passing on my passion for reading.

The truth is that although I love reading, I have barely been able to read a book for years. An adult book that is. I am going through kids books like most people go through toilet paper. I buy each of my children a new book at least once a month.

I believe a parent should be reading to their child every single night and here are my reasons why.

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1 Reading is Great Fun

Recently I read Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes to my children and they laughed like mad. If you haven’t read any Roald Dahl books well maybe you don’t know how fun reading can be.

My five year old daughter and I are currently going through all Roald Dahl’s books, we have covered George’s Marvellous Medicine and the Witches and we are currently reading The BFG. Yes she has watched the movie that came out last year but a book is a different thing altogether isn’t it?

My son’s favorite book at the moment is Dinosaur Roar which I got him for Christmas and while it is a really simple book it is great fun and he has started joining in while I read it. He is only three years old so simple is better. If you have a little boy you must get that book!

Reading together every night is fun for me and for my kids.

2 Reading Feeds the Imagination

Reading is so different to watching a movie. When you watch a movie you see everything as it is shown, there is not much left to the imagination. When you are reading you can really imagine these other worlds and characters.

My kids have vivid imaginations and this just feeds that creative side beautifully. My daughter loves to draw so she often later draws things from the books and it is amazing to see how she perceives everything.

Listening to a book also helps with concentration and with young children anything that helps them learn how to concentrate is a bonus.

3 Reading Time is Great Bonding Time

I wrote a post recently about tips for disciplining your child and positive parenting is really important. Children need attention and special time. Reading a story before bed is the perfect way to bond with your child and give them the one on one attention they need.

4 Helps your child develop language skills

People that read have better language skills. The more you read the better  your vocabulary, writing and verbal skills will be.

Reading is so important, there is a huge amount of reading your child will be needing to do at school, college, university and most likely in his or her job one day.

Having a good grasp of language and a good vocabulary will help your child be a better student and a better worker one day too.

5 Reading Teaches Your Child Many Things

Along with great verbal skills, reading will teach your child so many more things. I have bought books for potty training, for learning about feelings, teaching table manners, doing chores and so many more topics.

Reading can be a wonderful way to teach your child the values that are important to you as a family.

The best part is that these lessons are given in a fun way that will make a positive impact on your child.

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