Are you a Mom cum Blogger_ Here are some Tips for You!

Are you a Mom cum Blogger? Here are some Tips for You!

Blogging is a fun, creative and exciting experience, ‘if you are passionate about writing’. And if you are not and your only aim is to earn money, it is going to reflect in your writing eventually so it’s better to avoid the subject altogether.

But if you are serious about it, you can share your knowledge in front of others through blogging. And one of the other benefit is you can earn a handsome amount of money in through blogging. Perhaps this is the major reason why many moms have started their own blogs in recent years.

Are you also a mom cum blogger and want to reach out to more potential readers? If your answer is ‘yes’, this article is for you. I will teach you here how can you drive traffic to your blog that can ultimately help you earn huge money and most importantly the fame.  

Let’s start!

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Be passionate about your niche and subject:

Before starting the blog, give yourself a little time to analyze the subject you are perfect with. Once you are sure on you can share the best of your knowledge that benefits readers, start a blog. Whether you are educating people on health or technology, you must sure you are providing something unique to your readers.

Always write unique content:

Readers are bombarded with tons of repetitive content everyday in some or other ways. Providing something unique and interesting is the key to gain readers attention. Always remember, readers want something new and useful. So write content accordingly. Don’t bore readers with same old content.

Go social:

One of the best and the fastest means to convey your thoughts in front of millions is using social media. As said above, write unique and interesting content, and post it on social media platforms where most of the readers used to hang out.

The other way to use social media is socializing and interacting with your readers. To get out of maximum, it is very important to take care of timings of the post. Do a little research and get to know the timings when most of your readers are online.

Keep an eye on analytics:

Whether it is a million dollar business or a startup, it is very important to measure and analyze the stats and figures. For a mommy blogger, it is highly recommended to know who are your audience including gender, age and profession. Analytics of your blog tells you what kind of content they are loving the most. This helps you in writing content your readers love.

Reply to each and every comment:

The success of your blog depends on how well you treat and interact with the readers. Replying to their comments and queries should be your first and topmost priority. Treat all comments (both positive and negative) equally. Reply to both of them in a very polite way.

Now, I am going to mention some tips you must take action before publishing your next blog.

Write a catchy headline in H1 tag:

Did you know most of the people read only the headlines. The headline of your post is one and only place to entice readers to reach your post. Come up with an eye-catching and interesting headline that attracts more eyes.

Pro tip- Write ‘How to’ type or include odd numbers stats like ‘7 interesting things’ etc.

Create your own images:

You wrote an amazing content with a catchy headline but still, readers are bouncing back. Do you know why? Perhaps the image of your post is not good enough as your content. Create images that explain the whole sole of the content in a very interesting way. Avoid copyright issues while selecting an image from the internet.

Pro tip- Create simple images and templates using Canva.

Do SEO (search engine optimization) for your post:

I know you are a mommy cum blogger and I am adding one more task for you. But don’t worry, by doing SEO, I don’t mean to involve yourself in each and every SEO activity. You just need to do few things in a way search engines like. Let me explain the points you need to take care of, to optimize your content the way SEO professional do and the way search engines like.

Pro tips-

  1. Write content around the keywords that people use to search
  2. Include H1 tag
  3. Add alt texts to your images

This task can be a bit daunting if you don’t have enough time. In that case, you can hire any internet marketing company to outsource your work.

You are a blogger because you love it. But you will succeed only if you keep trying new things and keep writing good content. So, don’t give up and always think of your readers. Take care of the points I mentioned. Hope the tips will help you in making your blogging journey better. Good luck mommy bloggers!

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