Miracle twin girls birth story

My Life Is Now Complete – My Miracle Twin Girls Are My Life

I met my partner Shaun in the year of 2011. I was 26 years old at the time, who would have thought that less than 4 months later I would fall pregnant and not just any pregnancy but with twin girls… My name is Natacha Williams and here is my birth story…

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In 2003 I was diagnosed with Anorexia and thereafter with Bulimia. It was a battle between life and death for almost 10 years. In 2005 I fell extremely ill and was admitted to Crescent Clinic to help assist with my rehabilitation. Nothing helped, nothing worked, and I was destined to die of this awful disease. The disease took over who I was completely.

Whilst tests were done on a daily and thereafter weekly basis it was confirmed by 3 different medical obstetricians and gynaecologists, that I am not able to have my own children. The disease has ruined me completely…

At the time knowing this did not bother me at all, yet as the years went by I started to become more and more aware and mostly scared, the worst feeling for a growing women is the thought of being alone…

Then my first break through happened in 2011, I no longer suffered to the extent that I could not be helped, all we did was take one step at a time.

I then took a week-end away for my birthday to the white sands of Arniston with some family and friends and there is where I met my mister handsome…

We started dating and not even 4 months later, we found out that we were expecting. Something that was explained and known for years would and could never happen. SHOCKED, HAPPY, OVERWHELMED none of these great amazing words can ever describe what we felt…Unbelievable and how great the work of God…is

After our first scan we received another surprise, that we are having twins. I was told that at 3 months I will have my first operation during pregnancy, the gynaecologist could establish that my body required this in order to carry my girls for the duration of my pregnancy. I then had a Shirodkar stitch and a build-up to the cervix. The disease damaged me to the extent that we had to do everything to help our babies come into this world.

The operation was a great success, yet I was immediately placed at HIGH risk and was basically summonsed to stay home. I was not able to drive, do anything strenuous, absolutely nothing basically…

In addition to all the above I want to mention, I have the most loving, supportive family that has helped me through so, so much and still do every single day. My parents (Arthur & Beverley Williams), my 3 sisters, Shaun and his family and amazing friends for all the unconditional love and support. Most importantly though I need and have to thank my pillar, my mother Beverley Williams, my Iron Lady she was absolutely perfect…I love you MOM.

Furthermore, we had our first labour scare at 6months which was very stressful as we knew the babies were still far too tiny to be born. We were well assisted and attended to at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital and was told that I have picked up a severe infection (common when having a Shirodkar stitch).

Thereafter, I attended the gynaecologist every week for a scan to check the feeding of my little girls. 1 week before 8 months, we were told that Twin A (Giuliana) has not been feeding for almost 2days and that they are booking me for a C-section.

I had a C-section at Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital with Spinal Block. My one daughter Giuliana (Twin A) was born at 7.43am weighing in at 2.4kgs and Isabella (Twin B) born at 7.45am weighing in at 2.1kgs on the 14 March 2012…. The day time stood still…

Our twin girls are absolutely a miracle and my gift from the Lord above – they are my life and so much more. Never before have I seen such beautiful souls in my life. They were simply perfect!

Not being in a state to hold them, I glanced over to a very proud dad staring at his daughters (probably checking if all their fingers and toes are there). The surgeons proceeded with completing my procedure. Yet, after Shaun had left with the nurses and Paediatrician they discovered that I am bleeding excessively and could not stop this. After my wound was closed, me thinking I am going to hold my precious babies, I was told that they need to give me general anaesthetic and re-open the wound as there are complications.

I could think and say nothing to this other than pray – “Lord God, please spare me enough just to be able to hold my babies just once”

I woke up in ICU hours later. Never before have I felt so much pain. I had lost 8 pints of blood and nearly lost my life. My family was broken into pieces by this as nobody expected this – why would this happen if the pregnancy was so closely monitored? All questions that were asked yet could not be answered. My uterus had collapsed causing me to lose so much blood that I nearly lost my life.

They could not remove my womb as that would have made it worse given what has happened. My twin girls will be the only children I have as I will be undergoing a hysterectomy in the near future.

They stopped the bleeding and temporarily “repaired” the womb. Nevertheless, after 2 days of being so carefully monitored and looked after in NICU, they confirmed I could finally hold my two precious miracles for the first time. Nothing sounded better than to hear a head nurse utter those words.

I was very nervous and anxious as they took me from the 9th floor to the 11th floor to the Maternity ward – I was so afraid that my daughters would not know who I am.

Anxiously awaiting their arrival, in walks Daddy and nurse and there they were, my precious Beautiful Miracles given to me by God. I could not stop crying tears of joy. Never before have I witnessed angels – yet that day I witnessed two at the same time. As they were gently placed into both my arms they instantly latched and since then nothing and no one can change that.

My purpose for sending out my story, is just to remind everyone out there: “Despite the trials and hardships in life, with God All things are possible”

Written By Natacha Williams

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  1. wow, amazing story… they are too adorable Natacha

  2. what a beautiful story:)

  3. How awesome is that! I had 3 miscarriages and then my son who is not 2 and a half. God blesses us in awesome ways in his own time…. Congrats and enjoy!

  4. So so special, thank you for sharing!

  5. Congrats on your 2 angels… Beautiful story…

  6. ashmika ramkhelawan

    Amazing ! Take care and enjoy;)

  7. Congrats on your twins. I am a mother of 3 – a boy of 6 and 9 week old twin girls. Surprisingly neither my husband nor I have twins in the family so we were truly blessed. Twins are hard work especially when they cry together. Mine are colic so one can imagine. But I love my children to bits and would not change a thing.

  8. Shows you, anything is possible. Best of luck with the twins

  9. @ All the cooments on the above – thanks so much for taking the time in reading my birth story – and i agree even though children are real hard work – its in fact the best work 🙂 my life is absolutely complete with having my precious gorls in it. Good Luck to all the wonderful ladies and their babas *hugs*

  10. Wow i have goosebumps thank you for sharing this story with us 🙂

  11. BEAUTIFUL story. What a blessing to be given those two angels!! All the best for you and your family *hugs*

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