Remedial Testing Online

Remedial Testing Online by Edu-Vision

It is not always easy knowing what is going on with your child and remedial testing is a great way to find out more about how your child is developing and coping with things.

Finding out whether your child is ready for school, what your child struggles with and what your child’s aptitudes are will be very helpful to any parent.

Remedial testing is a process whereby the child undergoes tests and usually the testing is done at a school or a therapists office, usually at quite an expense.

Edu-Vision has stepped in to close this gap, making remedial testing not only easy and convenient but also cost effective with a remedial app that was written and designed by Daleen Jansen Van Vuuren, a remedial therapist with 25 years experience.

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Learners complete the test on the remedial app and it is then assessed by Edu-Vision. Once the assessment is ready for the parent Edu-Vision can also recommend further apps from their business partners which will assist your child in catching up to his age and grade so that they do not feel left behind.

Remedial testing online by Edu-Vision

Remedial tests are currently available for Grade 1 up to Grade 7 in both English and Afrikaans. These tests usually cost anywhere between R1500 – R3500 but Edu-Vision is able to bring them to you at R375 per test.

Learning institutions focus their teaching methods on left brain dominant children, leaving right brain dominant children at a disadvantage. Edu-Vision offers Study Program Brain Route 101 specifically focusing on right brain dominant children.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to learning. Each child has their own unique way of understanding things. As a parent and an educator of your child it will be so much easier to help your child reach his full potential if you know the best way to teach your child. Knowing which study methods help your child excel will be crucial to your child’s learning success.

Brain Profile LRP Toolkid (ages 6-9) is a brain-based assessment tool to determine the neurological wiring of your child. It will help you to discover how your child uniquely processes information, the mode they prefer to learn in, their emotional readiness for school and areas for further development.

Brain Profile LRP Toolbox (ages 10+) is a brain-based assessment tool to discover how your child uniquely processes information, their learning skills, the mode in which they learn and think, their learning strengths, their intelligence preferences and areas for further development.

Brain Profile LRP Advanced (adults and teachers) is a for adults, managers, leaders, teachers and corporations. This is a practical instrument to discover how people uniquely process information, their learning skills, their strengths and preferences for learning and thinking, as well as areas for further development.

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