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How Much Does The Tooth Fairy Give?

How much does the tooth fairy give

My daughter is nearly 6 years old and her friends are starting to lose their baby teeth. She is asking me nearly every day how much does the Tooth Fairy give.

This morning in the car on the way to school she brought the topic of the Tooth Fairy up yet again. She informed me that her best buddy at school got R200 for her tooth. I gasped and said that is obscene, I only got R1 a tooth from the Tooth Fairy when I was a little girl!

We debated the topic for a while and I explained to her that one very important thing to remember is that it is not a set amount per tooth that the Tooth Fairy will give. There are lots of variables, like how clean the tooth is and whether there is any decay.

Her immediate response was “So how come you only got R1 a tooth?”

Do these kids miss anything? I then had to explain to her that at that time I didn’t even get R1 pocket money a week. My dad would take us all to the corner cafe every Saturday and we would get our pocket money (I think mine was 50c at the time) and we could get loads of sweets with that. Today I don’t think you can even get a lolly pop for R1!

So I had to explain to her about inflation and that R1 was gold to a child when I was growing up. I remember some sweets were half a cent! Imagine being able to buy something (anything) today for half a cent right?

Yes I am now getting to an age when I can talk about “the good old days when sweets cost half a cent”.

Back to the monetary value of a tooth… share in the comments below how much the Tooth Fairy gives your kid per tooth pillow (or how much you think the Tooth Fairy should give) and you could win 1 of 2 Tooth Fairy Pillows.

The winner will be announced via blog post on Tuesday 15 September 2017.

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