Baby Growth Spurt

3 Signs Your Baby is Going Through A Growth Spurt

Here are the Signs your Baby is going through a Growth Spurt:

  1. Your baby wants to eat nonstop
  2. Your baby will be up more often at night and have short day naps, but have sleep more in total
  3. Your baby will be crankier than usual

Click here for an explanation of a growth spurt.

Click here to read the common ages baby goes through a growth spurt in the first year.

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  1. lamprechtmandy

    Good to know

  2. Tx Lynne.
    Useful info.

  3. I think my boy is having growth spurt as he wake up so many times now a nighy and day time his not in his old routine of sleepinh time and always shows signs of hunger his moan and cry for everything.

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