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Psychological Support For The Victim Of An Accident

In the case of an accident, often serious, the victim is usually taken as quickly as possible to the nearest hospital or health service. In fact, it is very rare that the injured person is able to choose the place of hospitalization themselves. Except for the victim who is still conscious and able to reason normally and express him or herself.

Hospital Care

Once the injured person arrives at the hospital, he or she is immediately received by the hospital’s emergency department, depending on several parameters such as the severity of the trauma or the number of patients present or arriving at the same time (road accident, building fire, etc.). It will be put on hold or not, even if it is perfectly legitimate that many people feel the need to be received in the process. Of course, waiting also depends on the evolution of the patient’s condition and the decision of the doctor in charge.

Once the patient is taken in hand, then comes what is known as the “nursing admission” where the victim is given first aid such as the insertion of physiological serum to keep the vein in place while waiting for the doctor’s prescription, the placement of a splint for fractures or simply bandages. It is also at this time that the nurse checks the person’s vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, temperature if necessary, etc.).

Finally, as soon as a room or ward becomes free or is ready and a doctor is available, the doctor’s medical consultation begins in order to arrive at a diagnosis and send the patient for various tests, medical imaging or, if necessary, emergency surgery.

Psychological Support

Finally, “out of the woods” in the recovery room or in her room, the victim still has a long way to go, that of psychological support.

Indeed, once healed of his physical wounds, the victim begins to regain consciousness of what happened to him. She will not be able to stop herself from living and reliving the memories of the accident that haunt her mind more and more. They may even have nightmares: this is psychotrauma.

In order to overcome this, the main remedy is the direct entourage (relatives, friends, family). We must listen to the psychotraumatized person, restore their confidence, encourage them to turn the page or, if necessary, attend a support group, not trivialize their case, accompany them through the various administrative procedures in order to file a complaint or even advise them to consult a professional (psychologist). He must be given time to accept what has happened and, later on, to no longer consider himself a victim.

Much later, once the person’s condition has stabilized, one can begin to think about practicing expertise for insurance or justice.

Injured foot in case

Coming Home

In addition to the psychotraumatic problem, the accident victim may also be the victim of a temporary physical disability, requiring the use of simple medical devices such as crutches for mobility or other more sophisticated gadgets, depending on the severity of the trauma.

Fortunately, many platforms nowadays are involved in the rental of medical equipment useful to accident victims. You can find scooters or scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, geriatric patient chairs, bath seats or even hospital beds. There are many offers; the rental period and the related costs can be adapted to the needs of the person who has suffered the accident.

In addition to rental, the various services offered by these companies also include installation, repair, maintenance or 24-hour assistance in the event of equipment problems, in order to ensure that patients can be rehabilitated as calmly and easily as possible.

The use of a company specializing in the rental of medical equipment also has advantages for the person beginning his or her rehabilitation period. They benefit from the expertise of professionals who are familiar with the issues specific to their condition and the challenges they will encounter on a daily basis. In this sense, consulting a company that has particular expertise in medical equipment rental helps the person who has been the victim of an accident to have access to the right equipment to facilitate his or her daily tasks. This helps them to begin to return to normal more smoothly.

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