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Why Coloring Pages Are Great For Stress Relief

Coloring Pages for Stress Relief

If you continually find yourself stressed out, consider giving coloring pages a try. Many of us associate coloring with children, but it can actually be very helpful for adults too. There are tons of benefits associated with coloring, from relaxation to creativity. In fact, many psychologists actually recommend it to their patients to help them calm down. Here are some reasons why you might want to give this unique hobby a try.

Coloring is an easy creative outlet.

Being creative is great for our mental and emotional health, but many adults don’t actually have time to be creative in the ways they might want to. Between work, family, and any other outside engagements there often just isn’t time to work on a creative project. However, coloring is a very easy way to be creative, and you can do it virtually anywhere and at any time. As you color, you’re engaging your creativity by selecting and placing colors on the page. You can make your own decisions about what colors you want to use, which is very freeing.

Coloring keeps you occupied without stressing you out. Many people with anxiety find that their symptoms worsen when their mind has too much time to wander. However, having too much to do can also increase your stress levels, so it’s important to find a balance. Coloring is the perfect solution to this problem because it provides something to focus on, but it’s not mentally taxing or stressful in any way. If you struggle with loneliness or stress when you don’t have anything to do, coloring is something you can do that’s easy to pick up at any time.

Coloring is a good way to release nervous energy.

Those who struggle with anxiety and other mental health disorders often also struggle with fidgeting. Having this extra nervous energy can make it difficult to focus throughout the day, and constant fidgeting can make you appear shy and scared to others around you. Since coloring uses a lot of simple, repetitive motions, it is a very easy way to release nervous energy. As a bonus, it also improves hand-eye coordination. If you find yourself fidgeting throughout the day, try keeping a coloring book at your desk. Whenever your fidgeting gets distracting, take a five-minute break to color. Even coloring for just a short period of time can calm the body and mind.

Coloring keeps your brain active

Coloring is one of many activities that is thought to prevent dementia and other mental problems that come with aging. It helps improve focus and engages the brain in a way that is very stimulating and rewarding. Many people find coloring to be “oddly satisfying”, and that is because of the unique way that it engages your brain. People who color are likely to be better at staying focused and avoiding distraction. If you find you’re easily distracted at work, coloring in your free time can actually train your brain to stay on task.

Coloring is a great alternative to negative habits

Many people with mental health diagnoses (or just a lot of stress in their lives) develop bad habits to cope with the challenges of life. Common examples of negative habits and behaviors associated with stress include binge eating or drinking, starting physical or verbal conflicts with others or excessive sleeping. Coloring can actually help you break bad habits by offering something positive to focus on that is engaging. By making coloring a part of your routine, you’ll stay occupied and be less tempted to fall into negative behavior patterns.

Coloring is very meditative

Meditation has been proven to be extremely beneficial for reducing stress. Many people make it a part of their daily routine to reduce physical and mental symptoms of anxiety. Coloring has meditative qualities but it is more active than meditation. Because of this, many people find coloring much more accessible than diving straight into meditation, which can be challenging at first. Coloring provides the brain with one thing to focus on that is very simple, a concept that is quite similar to meditation.

Coloring can be social

With the increased popularity of coloring as a hobby for adults it’s highly likely that you have at least one friend who enjoys the activity. Spending time coloring with others is a great bonding experience, and it’s a great way to calm down after a long day. Coloring with others promotes easy, positive conversation and gives you a task that you can both easily focus on.

Coloring increases happiness

There’s a reason that kids love to color, and that’s because it’s fun! The enjoyment that comes from coloring doesn’t lessen when you reach adulthood. In fad, you may find it even more enjoyable as an adult because it’s such a wonderful way to de-stress from work and other activities. When sadness strikes, coloring is an easy way to put a smile on your face and boost your positivity.

Coloring has become extremely popular over the last few years, and coloring books are now very accessible. They are now sold online, at local bookstores and boutiques, and even at grocery stores and drugstores.  It’s also easy to find free printable coloring pages online. If you struggle with stress and high tension, consider picking up a coloring page to help you feel better.

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