• Do you use a special laundry detergent for your child’s clothing? I have used one since we had Ella. It is for baby’s sensitive skin. I have trouble with sensitive skin from time to time and my husband has eczema so I think that it is a good idea to use it for her. So far no problems!

  • Pedialite also works great. It will help your child stay hydrated.

    I know that when my nephew was sick, my sister started the BRAT diet. She gave him saltines because they were easy for him to eat and he liked them. Bananas were another favorite of his.

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    I remember when I used to visit people years ago that had kids, they would say to be quiet to not wake the baby. I understand not wanting to wake them. But I sort of feel that if you go about your normal routine, baby will get used to sleeping with the noise. Then they will not wake as easily. Does that make sense to you? I run my dishwasher,…[Read more]

  • Thanks so much @tamara. I really do appreciate that. Amazing how we can help each other out 🙂

  • Lately times have been tough for my family. Seems like anything that can go wrong does. My husband has not been able to work due to a medical condition that no doctor can seem to figure out. We were just informed that he does not qualify for disability, even though there is not a way for him to work as he is in chronic pain. We can not live…[Read more]

  • I used to want 6 kids. But they are a lot of work and money. Four would be good for me at this point, but I am not sure how my husband feels about that.

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    LOL Lynne, I agree it will not kill you to not have a door. I think the biggest thing is that if a parent says they are going to do something, then they need to do it. Do not make empty threats or else a child will figure that out.

  • This year I want to make the grandparents a gift that is homemade. Something with her feet or hand prints. Any suggestions on something that would not be a pinterest fail?

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    My friend’s little boy has a red rash in the folds of his skin. It is sort of smelly as well, in a yeasty manner. He is chubby, so I am thinking that his skin is probably just rubbing together and the friction is making the rash. Would diaper rash cream be ok to use on this? My friend just noticed it yesterday and is going to be taking him to…[Read more]

  • Thanks for those name suggestions, vhutshilo. I will be sure to suggest them to my friends. I like Alina. Very cute.

  • My best friend is pregnant with a girl- her first. Her name is Amanda and her husband is Anthony. They really want a girl name that is unique that starts with an A as well. Any suggestions?

  • Angie replied to the topic Need to rant in the forum Venting Forum 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I have heard of people taking off the door to their child’s room. In fact, my boss did that to her daughter when she was in high school. I do not disagree with it.

    If he is threatening to cut himself, he may need professional help to step in. Sure you may not think that he will ever do it, or it may just be an empty threat, but I think that…[Read more]

  • I have never heard of that before vhutshilo. Perhaps I will have to look into it.

    I have been adding tea tree oil to my diffuser to kill the germs in the air. So far so good on this as no further sickness has come about.

  • Anyone on here partake in Black Friday shopping? I did go out today for a while. I must say that I did not find all I wanted to find. Just did not seem to have as many good deals as they usually have. Plus at one store, I had to make my way through several people that were in line to look at some of the sales due to how the store had their…[Read more]

  • How young do you feel is too young to potty train a child? I have heard various people say well I was trained when I was 1. I really doubt that. Children just do not have the capability to be trained at one years old.

    I have a friend that has a daughter and she started training her when she was 16 months. I just felt this was way too young.…[Read more]

  • Hello Vicky. Nice to meet you. Good luck on your adventure of your store. Looks very interesting. Hoping you succeed on this as I feel it is a wonderful way to make some great money for you and your family.

  • Thanks Lynne. I appreciate your concern. This doctor is not my normal doctor, but rather filling in for our family doc who had surgery. I am far from thrilled with him and will not ever go back to him once my family doc returns. He is very unprofessional I believe and his behavior is uncalled for.

  • So I am pretty sure that our family has caught the flu bug. Hubby is sicker then a dog at this moment. Feels very achy, has a temperature, and just does not feel like eating. He says his stomach feels on the queasy side as well. Just hoping that Ella and I do not catch it. Lots of hand washing, disinfecting, and leaving daddy to himself the…[Read more]

  • I think that washing toys when they are new is a good idea. Many people do handle them and I would be afraid of all the germs on them. However the rewashing of the clothes is a bit too much. The sun often kills many things, and will make the clothes fresher. I find it odd that she had to do this. I would have just been happy for the help!

  • Did you make your own baby food? If so, what foods did you decide to make your baby? And what did you find to be the best way to make the food? We have some squash from our garden that I am thinking of making for Ella. My only concern is that it will be stringy. Did you ever have this issue with any of the foods that you have made for baby food?

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