• How big is your current supply of breast milk? If you have extras left over, what are you going to do with it? Would you consider donating it to those in need? I know of a lady that had a few coolers full of extra milk so when the storms went through in the south, she donated them to mothers in need. What do you think about this?

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    I guess having the same initials is not a big deal for me. Or even having the same letter of the first name. I think of the Duggar family. How all of them are J names. I am not sure if they all have the same middle initial or not. But just think of how hard it would be to keep them straight. I have a hard enough time calling my cats but the…[Read more]

  • I think that when you take your kids places it is hard because you never know when they are going to act up. You as the parent can feel bad if they are crying and screaming and you just can not get them calmed down. There are many people that do not like that noise like that. Which is understandable as they paid good money as well for a plane…[Read more]

  • Thursday morning I woke up with a bad neck pain on my left side. I took a few tylenol and gradually as the day progressed it got better. About 3 this morning, I got up to use the restroom and my neck hurt so bad again. Even worse this time. So much that my husband made me get into the shower and let the hot water pulsate on it. That did help…[Read more]

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    Would it be important for your children to have the same initials? My friends sister is due with her 4th child in April. They have two girls and a boy already. Their names are
    Karson Lyle
    Katelyn Lucille
    Kallie Lynn

    They have not said that they will be naming this child with a K and a L but I bet that they do. What is your take on this? I…[Read more]

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    Lynne, I was discussing this with my other sister, and she said she works with a lady that does not have a middle name. Her name is JoEllen. So when she has to state her full name, she will say JoEllen no middle name and then her last name.

  • Lately I have been waking up several times a night. Then I find it really hard to get back to sleep. Anyone got any tips to help me stay asleep? I have been using a diffuser with lavender in it, and it is really relaxing. Any other tips that will help me out? Are there are bed time drinks that will help with this, such as a sleepy time tea?…[Read more]

  • I remember I was devastated when I found out Santa was not real. However, my mother said Santa was once a real person and as long as I believed in my heart he was real, then he was real. She had a real way with words and it really made me feel better. I do know that when my nephew found out about Santa, he looked as his mom and said oh great, I…[Read more]

  • I would love to have another child but do not want my children to be that close. I have a coworker that has two children. They are 10 months apart. She also had them when she was 40 and 41. I think that it really pushing it. I know she had them that fast because she was getting older. But I also know that she had a wealth of issues with both…[Read more]

  • One thing that I was told years ago is if you are worried about your babies nails, you can bit them yourself to trim them. This way you will not have to worry about cutting them with the clippers. I am not so sure how much I agree with that.

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    I guess I have too much of my dad in me. He was very old school and did not give in to us. Yes I was spoiled, but when he said no, he meant it and I knew to never push it. What he said went and we knew better then to ever go against him.

  • I realize that doctors have a lot of patients but why do they have to be so slow? I have been waiting for my doctor to call me back for over a week now. I have even called to question why they were not calling back. Receptionist is very nice and gives the message to him but yet she does not understand what the hold up is either. It is very…[Read more]

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  • I agree that it is best to start the cereal first. I know that my mom always said that if you fed them cereal before bed time, it kept the baby fuller for long and he or she would not wake up as soon. Which is nice because Ella really does sleep longer now that she is getting her cereal.

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    What do you think about co-sleeping (sleeping in your bed with your baby)? I personally have mixed feelings on this. It is a great idea in theory but if baby gets used to sleeping in the same bed as you, will they ever want to stop?

    I guess I am just thinking of a friend that I have that never really gets to sleep my herself. She has 3 kids.…[Read more]

  • My friend’s little boy is in 3rd grade and still believes in Santa. She wants him to keep believing but said her husband said if Jaxon asked him if Santa was real, he would not lie to him and would tell him the truth. I was in 5th grade when I stopped believing. Do you think it is right for my friend’s husband to tell him he is not real? I…[Read more]

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    This year will be the first Christmas for Ella. I was wondering what everyone got their baby their first Christmas. I do not plan on getting her tons from Santa. I planned on getting her things she will need for next year. She will not remember it, so I see no reason to spend tons of money. Just wondering what others did for their babies…[Read more]

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