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  • After our last family getaway to Da Pakhuys I searched online for beautiful mountain areas with scenic walks and stumbled across an article about the Koue Bokkeveld being the most beautiful area in the Western […]

    • This place is so breath taking.
      Hats off to the photographer really capturing stunning scenic views.

      By looking at the pictures, one can judge that this place is peacful and relaxing aswel as bit adventorous.
      It would be ideal for a small family vacation.

      Away from all the noise levels in the city to place with such tranquility would be nothing less than an epic experience.

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    Clixsense always has new surveys which is awesome, but the trick is that you won’t always qualify for them. The reason is that each company is looking for specific demographics. For example a dog food company that is looking for information is not interested in anyone that doesn’t have a dog 🙂 They also can’t tell you what they are looking for…[Read more]

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    Yes you can contact Milk Matters! Here is an article I wrote about Milk Matters. They are are awesome and can send you all the information that you need. I can’t remember if they want it fresh or frozen but I would assume frozen since it won’t stay fresh for too long.

    I looked into donating my breast milk when my babies were young.

  • Thanks Anri – Dove soap? That is interesting! My other thought was just to get seat covers or maybe just recover the seats.

  • Long car trips are part of the activity of modern families today. Many are investing their time and money in buying cars with higher mileage per gallon so they can go wherever they want.

    Families take long car […]

    • One of my fondest childhood memories is my mom reading the series of Cor Dirks, Die Uile, to my brother and I in the car. How mom never got car sick is beyond me. I can’t read in the car without developing a tinge of nausea.

    • Great article and ideas!

      I will keep some of them in mind when JD is older. We are planning to travel down to George in December of this year and I was contemplating how I will keep a two and a half year old occupied. :-O

      We’ll be driving through the night, so hopefully he’ll be asleep for the bigger part of the journey.

      This article came at just the right time.

      I will definitely consider the treats, toys and my ipad with games.

    • When I was little we did not have all sorts of tegnological devices to entertain us in the car and I hardly ever got bored. We did maths with the number plates of the cars passing by. We also played ‘I spy with my little eye’.
      I do not think that it is a good idea to give children a lot of sweets in the car. In my opinion we should limit sweets to special occasions. When you start to do research about all the negative effects of sugar we would not want to give our children sweet at all. Also,sugar give them extra energy and that is not a good thing when you want them to sit still for a long trip.

    • Great ideas in the article, thank you. We often go on long trips with our kids. It has always been something we look forward to. I must admit when they were smaller it was much easier in some ways compared to now that they are older. They need much more entertainment now that they are older. The difficult part about travelling long distances, a few years ago, when they were younger, was the fact that you had to warm up their food and milk. I had to stop at the garage and ask them to boil my water, as i would never leave home without the kettle. Or even some restaurants would oblige! Nowadays they have the bottle and food warmers which is easily available. The one thing we always make sure of is.. if the car is big enough and if we can let the seats down when we need to take a rest. If the kids can stretch their legs and make a little bed then they are happy. We tend to take way too much sweets but that is the one thing that keeps you awake and alert on the road. I will never sleep in a moving car because I’ve been involved in a car crash as a passenger when i was about to nod off. It was the scariest thing ever and it still haunts me today. Take lots of bottled water. My kids tummy’s tend to be a bit out of sorts when we drink water from the different provinces. This has just been our experiences through the years.’ Just replying to your articles makes me wish i was on the road now with my family. It is definitely something we all look forward to every holiday. I also do a voice recording for them about their favourite book. They enjoy listening to these stories as i also tend to get very nauseous whilst reading in the moving car. It is also a good idea to download their favourite music because you cannot always get reception for the radio. When they get older they will dominate the radio! We love to play the “I spy with my little eye” game. We make up all sorts of things while we are driving. When you drive it is totally restricted to what is actually inside the car, unless you are at a roadblock and then you can include what’s on the outside. Oh and our favourite thing lately has been…. knitting. Even my 9 year old soon has taken up the challenge…Ps: hubby as well(When he is not driving of course,lol)

    • My two year old loves watching kids youtube movies on her Amazon tablet particularly the educational ones where they teach colors, numbers, alphabet etc. I use this to keep her busy when we are traveling. She also loves drawing, so a drawing book and a pencil or two usually does the trick. Snacks and enough fluids are also a must, and a stop every now and then where we can stretch our legs and she can explore for a while.

  • This is a great topic @anrivisser and something I actually wrote about a while back – 5 Ways To Prepare Your Toddler For A Sibling.

    My daughter was 2 years old when my son was born. It was tough but also amazing at the same time… as lots of things are when you are a parent!

  • Yes of course you can start a new topic @zentalks – just go to the correct forum which would be Health & Safety and scroll to the bottom to create a new topic 🙂

  • There are a few places – if you have a Clicks club card you can get coupons. Here are a few South African places to try:

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  • Having gorgeous nails can make you feel like a million dollars and give your outfit that extra edge if you are on your way to an important meeting, going on a hot date or going for a fun girls night out.

    Doing […]

    • GREAT tips Lynne! Perfect!

      The only thing I can add is that if you’re not into acetone-free nail polish remover like I am because it takes me a lifetime, it’s okay to use regular nail polish remover BUT moisturize afterwards then it’s fine. It evaporates quickly but does dry out the skin a lot! This is not technically a tip, I’ve just never been able to get acetone-free remover to work for me but I know loads of ladies who prefer and swear by it!

    • Lovely article love the tip on the vinegar will try it I was so impressed grew my nails for December and did my own French tips I have learnt the correct way to clean them too

    • Great article @lynne.

      I am very bad when it comes to my nails. No wonder they are always in bad shape.

      I like to paint my toenails but my fingers nails I usually keep in their “natural state”.

      I work so much with my hands every day i.e. typing, washing dishes, cleaning, and I hardly ever get a moment to sit and do something for myself.

      I would love to have my nails done at a professional salon but here I go again with my broken record… I don’t have the budget to do this. When my heart thinks about spending R300 at a salon for my nails, my brain takes over and tells me to rather spend that money on formula and baby wipes or some groceries.

      Maybe one day when my ship comes in, I’ll be able to spoil myself more often.

      • I know exactly what you mean. When I have extra time or money – that hardly ever happens – my nails are the last thing that I use it for. I know that a persons nails can actually make a big difference to overall appearance so maybe I should consider doing something about my nails.

    • Not looking forward to breastfeeding hair and nails…

      My nails turned brittle and flaky when I started breastfeeding my son. I tried so many different things and nothing seemed to alleviate the problem. I just hope it will be better this time around.

    • I wish I had the time to pay any attention to my nails, I admire others but havent focused on sorting mine out.
      Will give it a try to find some time to sort them out in the near future

    • I know what it feels like when you had your nails just done… you feel like a different person,, on top of the world! It’s like getting a new perfume. I would like to spoil myself with a manicure every month but it is so pricey so i end up doing my own nails. I just never get the chance to do it anymore. The one thing I hate is when your nail polish starts coming off and you have to go to an appointment and you are running late. Lately time hasn’t been on my side and I always ended up with nails looking like….you know what lol. It is very interesting to read that you would find all these harmful ingredients in nail polish, like formaldehyde(isn’t that what they use to embalm dead people?)…creepy! thank you for this article. I think I’m going to do my nails now. Cheers!

    • I would love regular manicures…. Unfortunately, they are very expensive. So I will definitely keep these tips in mind. I haven’t taken care of my nails since my son was born. Just really haven’t had the time. Maybe, now that he is starting to by himself more and more, I will look into this again.

  • Before cancelling your car insurance policy, think about the risks.

    If you’ve gone to all the trouble of searching for the right car insurance quote, choosing a policy that suits you, and paying your premiums […]

    • Thank you for the very informative article! I just hate insurance, PERIOD!. My hubby is quite busy so i have to deal with the insurance for now. It is time consuming and you never know if you are choosing the correct one. You start off with a good deal but then you get this huge surprise with and enormous increase. They always try to justify their reasons for increasing the policy. The sad thing is that you just cannot go without insurance! It is very expensive but it is a necessity. Just cancelling your policy alone is a huge risk that you”re taking. You really can’t jump from one broker to the next broker just to save a few rand. Rather try to negotiate with the broker to give you a better price because at the end of the day they don’t want to lose you as a customer. So if you do get a better price by a different insurer tell your current insurer about it and try to negotiate. What most people don’t know is that your car depreciates with value and your monthly payments just increase. That is not right for you as the client. You need to have your car valued again because they will still have the old value of your car and increase your payments according to the old value of the car. So do yourself a favour and have your car valuated again and let them give you a better insurance quote. It is better for you and it saves you a lot of time instead of just running off to a different insurer. If you do go to a new insurer, just remember the premiums will also increase just like your previous insurer. I will definitely have a look at King Price. Thank you!

    • Thanks for a great and informative article.

      We are driving a very old Fiat Uno which my Dad gifted to us.

      I would definitely consider getting third party insurance, because I don’t think this car is of much rand value. But you have to be prepared if something unexpected happens.

    • I read that you should cancel your insurance and then rejoin because the premiums will come down because your car is older. I would think there would be penalties or something involved in doing this. My husband just bought a new bike so insurance is a must there. We cancelled our car insurance many years ago but been considering third party at least. Shopping for best premiums is a must.

    • This article was very informative for me.
      We currently have our car insured for 3rd party claim, we have yet to be in an accident and had our car at brand new 6 years ago, when comes to vehicle finance we were informes that we had to have full cover car insurance which was just over quarter of the monthly premium for the car itself!!!
      I felt it to be over priced. Once the car was paid up from the bank we changed over to 3rd party claim which is now like 15% of our old insurance cover. We have saved alot.

    • I am weighing up this very thing at the moment. Car is paid off. My biggest gripe is that insurance is just out to get you. If you put the money away in an investment rather, than you would have “accident cover”. Why? Because the insurance will give you a long story how not to pay out. Everyone I know who has been in an accident in the last year had issues with their insurance. Even if they have a police statement that the other driver was in the wrong. We were robbed and this is our experience. The danger is having an accident when you are still building up your investment. Your article gave all the pros of insurance but none of the cons.

  • Oh that is interesting Anri – thanks for sharing that great tip! I would love to know if you think I would be able to use that on my light leather car seats? My kids have tramped all over them and the dirt is so ingrained 🙁 I really want to give them a good clean but I am at a loss what to do! I’ve tried washing them but they don’t look much better.

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  • Chances are that being a new mom means you are never alone, however you may find yourself feeling more lonely than you have ever felt in your entire life. If you already have friends that are moms you may be lucky […]

    • I needed mom friends and still do even tho he is turning 3

    • Mom friends are the best when you have toddlers, cause you can schedule play dates and always have that one person that can understand all your frustrations.
      My friend and I share everything about our boys, from their eating habits, crankiness to their poop all at one go and sometimes it does help to vent with somebody who will not take what you say the wrong way about 🙂

    • Yes, mom friends are hugely important, especially in the early days. I do think, though, that dad friends are just as important. A new dad is suddenly dealing with his normal work pressures on top of broken nights, extra chores and a wife who is suddenly a demanding, slightly deranged, hormonal mess (or maybe that was just me). He is expected to perform at work and then come home and pick up the pieces. Dad friends can empathise, advise and often make all the difference.

    • It also helps to have a few grandma friends. This was the case with me. With my line of work I had a lot of older ladies as friends. They had children a long time ago and they have all that experience. Now they enjoy their grandchildren and they have all the tips they hear from their daughters. Usually they also have a calmness that other young moms do not always have. And they have the time to help out it you need them, because a lot of them are retired and looking for babies to cuddle.

    • Its good to have moms friends,because u can learn for eachother.Me and my husband niece we share everything.awhen she needs help with something she just phone me and ask me “what can i do in this case”.

    • When i fell pregnant and had my baby i was very lonely because i had moved away from my parents and my siblings. We are altogether 5 sisters and one brother. So everyday i had at travel about 80 – 90 km’s just to see my family. I would pack in for the day and off we would go. It was very exhausting and time consuming. I never really relaxed and it became a bit too much for me. I wish i could turn back the clock and do it differently. I don’t regret seeing my family but it would’ve brought a lot more calmness and peace into my life if i had done it a little bit differently. Anyways, i eventually found a lovely mom’s and tots groups. I established a lot of good friendships. I’m still in contact with most of my friends. It was just such a relief to share your highs and lows with someone who was in the same situation as you. You can find these groups pretty much anywhere, like your church, clinics. library and even at various parks etc. You really don”t have to spend money to belong to these groups, that”s a huge lesson that i had to learn! Moms want to connect. You can even just try to google it and I’m sure you will find something. It”s not always easy to be alone and its good to off load on other moms before hubby comes home. He doesn’t always want to listen to the same complaints because he is also tired after a long day. So do yourself a favour and hook up with a moms and baby/tots class. It will do you and baby a lot of good!

    • Most of my friends that I hang out with are NOT moms….this makes hanging out so frustrating when you have to hear things like agh its not that important that he naps at that specific time or leave with this one and that one so we can go here and there….agh!!!!I was lucky to recently make friends with a lady that has four kids ao now I hang out with her more than the others…not so lonely and irritated anymore lol

    • Great article Lynne,

      It is so true! Only friends that are Mommy’s can connect with you on this level, because they’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt.

      By the time I had JD, most of my friends were already Moms. I fell pregnant with JD when I was 38.

      I was amazed at how many of my friends reached out to me when I was pregnant and offered their help once the baby was there.
      But when I needed advice, I always confided in my best friend. She just knows me so well and would give me the honest truth.

      She has two kids and didn’t always have it easy. Even though she was still married when she was pregnant and the children were small, she didn’t have a lot of support from her then husband and I always thing of her as a single parent because of all the trials and tribulations she has faced alone.

      She is a very strong person and can handle any situation. She is fearless and stays calm in stressful situations, so she’s the very best person to have on your side.

      She was the only friend that visited me in Hospital after the delivery of my baby and she still visits me at home or we go on outings. It is great, because her kids are older and help to keep JD occupied and entertained.

      It really is wonderful to have Mommy friends. Since having a baby, my life revolves around nappies, formula, feeds, poops, sleep routines and basically just everything and anything to do with babies or toddlers.

      I laughed out loud about your comment about the phone calls. I’ve done this a lot of times and probably sounds like a crazy person most of the time.
      It is like kids have a sixth sense that tells them when you’re on the phone and needs distracting.

      It is not the same to talk to your husband about these things because I get the feeling that most of the things I say goes in at the one ear and out at the other. And men don’t experience things the same way that us women do.

      Mommy blogs are also a great way to connect with other Mommy’s and where you can ask questions. Most Mommy’s are supportive and will give you great advice from personal experience.

    • Having mom friends is cool. But with me having had a pre-term baby my mom friends just didn’t get it. With our nearly 2 month hospital stay we made friends with other preemie moms, and it was great. But believe it or not as time as gone on and health issues have resolved it seems like those mommies no longer require my “friendship”. So I’ve found myself being quite lonely.

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