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  • Being able to speak more than one language has a number of benefits and if you can teach your child to master a new language will help them later in life as well as offer them some advantages in their younger […]

  • Your family is one of the reasons why you’re “you” today. You owe a lot to them and you know that without their love and support, you wouldn’t be where you are today. They’re the people you think about whenever […]

  • If you love art and have a tendency to collect it, then you most like need an art appraiser. Many people – mothers included – who collect art have no idea what their collections are worth. In order for your art […]

  • The costs associated with keeping a clean home can be relatively high. Even if, like me, you do the cleaning yourself, you can soon rack up large bills on the cleaning products themselves.

    All items in the […]

  • A garden is one of the most relaxing places at home. It is a place to reconnect with nature, even at the comfort of your own house. It is like having a pocket park at your residence. It is also a place where kids […]

  • As a parent you must have already realised that the safety of your child is highly important especially in this 21st century. For some parents it is a constant trauma for they worry about their kids a lot, and why […]

  • Many people underestimate the importance of proper breathing techniques. In Eastern cultures there is a great emphasis placed on proper breathing techniques while in many Western cultures there is very little […]

  • Arthritis іѕ a joint dіѕоrdеr resulting іn joint inflammation and раіn. Thе knее joint is a major weight-bearing joint оf our body and therefore іѕ ԛuіtе vulnerable tо аn іnсrеаѕеd rаtе оf wеаr and tear. Bеf […]

  • Addiction, break-ups, depression, anxiety… these are the main reasons why people end up on a therapist’s couch. Of course, there will always be a stigma of people going to therapy. Some people will judge and c […]

  • A personal and handmade gift will always be a winner and appreciated @giets. I am sure she will love it! I got a beautiful handmade jersey from a close friend’s mom when my daughter was born, it was such a special gift. Plus handmade gifts are usually of such higher quality than anything you can buy in stores these days. My husband’s granny…[Read more]

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  • Being physically fit is an important factor when it comes to being confident. It is not just good physical training that leads to a better physique but an equally important diet is also necessary to make sure you […]

    • Majority of the women these days want a flat core area and go at arms lengths to obtain these results.

      Not all decisions made to obtain these results is worth it, mainly people have undergone drastic diets and let’s not forget taking weight loss pills. This is ridiculous.

      Thank you so much for this insightful article, people rather change their eating habits that damage their bodies but taking supplements and weight loss pills.

      I believe in following simple routine of non-strenuous exercise, for non-lengthy periods but maintained consistently daily.
      I have tried eating healthy but I can’t, so I rather eat what I want in moderations and exercise daily as a small punishment. 😊

  • In the past, parents (and nearly everyone) encouraged girls to play with dolls and boys to play with robots. This, in part, enabled boys to become more interested in the area of robotics while girls drifted off to […]

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  • Baby showers are fun and exciting events that are normally organized by a close friend or family member of the mom to be. Baby shower games are played to entertain the guests and keep things fun. Plus gifts are […]

    • Great ideas @lynne!

      Some of the items mentioned here are essential when having a newborn in the house and with gifts like these it will most definitely make things a little easier on the new Mommy.

      1. Bigger clothing. With the last few baby showers I attended, I made sure I am buying clothes for 3-6 months or even bigger. Most people buy newborn clothing but that little peanut outgrows them at such a rapid pace that you’ll have to up size very quickly.

      2. Baby bags – I am convinced that you can’t have too many baby bags. They are essential and you have to replace them from time to time. Especially the bag that goes to daycare or preschool. They get worn out pretty quickly.

      3. A Gift for the expecting Mommy – With my baby shower two of my friends clubbed in together and bought me lovely gifts including a super soft blanket for JD. Not a swaddle or fleece one. One of those real blanket blankies, like the blankets we used. That blanket was so soft and of good quality. We still use it. It really was the best gift and so unexpected. Included in their gift was a Isabella Garcia gift for myself with luxurious hand cream and rose water for the body. I thought this to be so considerate of them. I didn’t expect a gift for myself and was very greatful.

      4. Another great idea I saw on Facebook the other day, was a first aid kit for babies. It contains all the medicines and necessities that one would need for baby ailments. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I visited our Pharmacy for some kind of drop or medicine. Especially those first three month’s. It is good to be prepared. Pharmacies can help you to make up the perfect kit needed for newborns and this item is something that so little people think about. I was thinking to get this for the next baby shower that I will attend.

    • Thank you for the great ideas @Lynne

      I normally gift a nappie bag with a few essentials for all the baby showers that I attend.
      A small breakdown of the essentials that fill up the nappie bag is, Baby Powder, Baby Lotion, Bum Cream, Vaseline, Wet Wipes, Glycerine, Facecloths, Cotton wool buds and not forgetting Baby Oil.
      Three of the people that I had gifted these goodies to have used it as a starter kit to take to hospital, when I heard that I felt so glad that I could off helped in such a way.

      Being a mom, you know what gifts was necessary and which you could have done without, so I gift what I know that I would appreciate the most.

    • A personal and handmade gift will always be a winner and appreciated @giets. I am sure she will love it! I got a beautiful handmade jersey from a close friend’s mom when my daughter was born, it was such a special gift. Plus handmade gifts are usually of such higher quality than anything you can buy in stores these days. My husband’s granny knitted him a jersey when he was a baby and when my daughter was born my mother in law gave it to me for her. An amazing an sentimental gift. I now have it packed away in a memory box for my daughter.

    • Please do make the crochet elephant @giets. They are lovely and like Lynne mentioned handmade gifts are always special and treasured.

      I’ve recently completed my first big crochet project – a blanket for JD.
      I wish I could crochet the animal toys. They are super cute but I’m not good with patterns. :-O

      And I agree with you, shopping for babies are very enjoyable. I love looking through all the adorable little baby grows and baby essentials and I always end up over spending. LOL.

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