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9 Meaningful Gifts For Parents Who Have Everything

Are you on the search for meaningful gifts for parents? Many of us have parents that already have everything they need and enough money to buy anything that they want and need. My goal when it comes to buying gifts for my parents is to get something that is memorable and has meaning to them. If I can get something that has sentimental value that is top prize.

9 Meaningful Gifts For Parents Who Have Everything

Here are my top picks of meaningful gifts for parents:

Personalized Magazine Cover

This is a fun and unique way to create a meaningful gift for your parents. All you have to do is choose a magazine cover title and frame style before adding some photos and personalized headings. This magazine cover gift is sure to surprise your parents and you are guaranteed that that they will have never received anything quite like it.

Family Tree Print

Your parents will love a bespoke family tree gift such as this family tree print. It is super easy to create and order online, by choosing your template and frame, then adding your family member’s names and photos.

This gift makes a beautiful home decor item that will brighten up their day and their home.

Printed Family Photo Album

Printed family photo albums are a hugely popular gift that suit many occasions. You can make a printed photo album for specific events such as a wedding, birth or christening, or you can create a selection of photos for a period of time or with a specific theme for your parents.

With so many photos being store online in recent years it is amazing to have a photo album on hand that our parents can browse through rather than having to log onto a device to see photos. Sometimes it is amazing to do things the old school way rather than rely on technology.

Photo Calendar

Instead of buying your parents a generic store bought calendar create your own calendar using photos of your family. You can include things such as family member’s birthdays birthdays and anniversaries already added printed onto the calendar dates.

You can also add messages or quotes for your loved ones to make it unique and memorable.

Canvas Painting Kid

Canvas Print Of Kid’s Artwork

Grandparents just love to display their grandchildren’s artwork so get your kids to draw something special and take it down to your nearest canvas print shop and have their artwork made into a canvas.

Chances are high that this canvas will be your parent’s pride and joy, especially if your kids have drawn the family!

Alternatively you can get your child to do a canvas painting for your parents.

Personalized Wooden Birthday Calendar

There are some beautifully designed personalized wooden birthday calendars on Etsy and other online stores. Get all your family members added to a wooden birthday calendar to make not only a meaningful gift for parents, but something that is useful and a beautiful home decor piece.

Personalized Mugs

If your parents are coffee or tea lovers what better way to stay in their hearts and their minds than getting them some lovely personalized mugs to drink out of every day?

Handprint/ Footprint Frame

If you have a new baby or even an older child get one of those handprint and/ or footprint kits with frames. There are so many different designs around, some you can add some photos too as well.

These make beautiful keepsakes and can be displayed in the home.

Get Your Craft On

There are so many things that you and your kids can make for your parents as gifts and anything that is handmade will make meaningful gifts for parents that they will love. The best part is that the sky is the limit to the things that you can make as gifts, just check out Pinterest for some amazing crafty gifts.

If you can do an activity with your parents and then make that into a gift that will also be amazing because the memory will be there too. A great example is to invite your parents over to do a puzzle with you and your kids and then later framing that puzzle as a gift.

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  1. Getting gifts is so difficult.. These are great ideas

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  4. Great ideas for parents and grandparents I love the hand print for my daughter to give her grandparents.

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