Behind The Scenes May 2023 – Plus Giveaway

Although May 2023 has been a relatively quiet month I’ve been exhausted and taking it easy at home. The end of 2022 and the start of 2023 was incredibly rough and perhaps I’m still struggling to catch up physically and emotionally after so much turmoil.

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Behind The Scenes May 2023

May 2023

May Date – Lunch at Old Boys Cafe

Hubby and I had our monthly date on the 30th May (leaving it quite late in the month again). While it was just a quick, light lunch squeezed in during my husband’s work lunch it was actually very special. We went to Old Boys Cafe in Velddrif, a place that I didn’t know existed but hubby likes it and wanted to take me there.

The toasted sandwiches we had were fantastic, made from lovely ciabatta bread, and the chips were perfect. It was very filling and hit the spot perfectly. I will write a review on Old Boys Cafe soon, I’m definitely going to go back there with my kids to try their milkshakes and waffles.


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Skateboard Accident

Two weeks ago I had an epic skateboard fail. It was 6am and the power was out due to loadshedding and I couldn’t find my son’s school jersey and I thought I might have left it on the washing line. So I went outside (yes without a torch) and stood on my son’s skateboard. While I did not come out of that unscathed I didn’t break any bones or have any serious injuries and for that I’m very grateful. I won’t be wandering around in the dark again without a torch!


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Quiet But Tiring Month

May has been strangely quiet, things are running smoothly at home and work is coming in in a nice consistent and steady way without being overwhelming. Usually my work comes in stops and starts, with a load of work and deadlines I’m pushing to meet and then suddenly it goes quiet for a while before it explodes again. I’ve always wondered why work can’t come in nice and steady and all paced out. May it has done just that.

That said I have been exhausted this month. I suspect it is because the end of last year and this year until now things have been so hectic, my body and mind are probably struggling to catch up still. I’m listening to myself and taking it slow when I can.


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Geez Things Are Getting Expensive

I can’t believe how pricing are soaring right now! It seems every time I got to the shop the prices have gone up yet again. And I have no idea what’s going on with our electricity. The last few week of May our electricity has cost us R100 a day and as we all know we have hardly been getting much power lately.

The only thing I think it may be is that the geyser is chowing electricity since it is going on and off all day so I’ve turned it off at night after we’ve all bathed and showered and then turned it on again the next day in time for it to heat for everyone to use hot water in the evening. I’m hoping this will make a difference.

My internet service provider has increased prices and this is due to loadshedding putting pressure on their resources. I don’t know about you but May felt like the longest month ever when it came to finances.

Loving My Shopping Savings And Surveys Apps

One thing that I am really enjoying are the savings apps I’m using for shopping and survey apps for earning a bit extra. As I said prices are soaring and it’s so nice to be able to catch a break somewhere.

I’ve been using SnapnSave for over a year now and it is superb. You get cash back on your shopping, check out my review on SnapnSave to find out more.

About two months ago I joined SavvySaver and it is fast becoming my favourite shopping app for saving money! It is super simple to use and you can cash out via Takealot gift voucher (my top choice), eWallet, airtime, or data. EFT payments are coming soon. I will write a review on SavvySaver soon.

In the meantime here’s a quick explanation – you submit your till slips and get 50 points per till slip, plus extra points for offers on specific items you buy (you can see current offers in the app). One point is equal to one cent. I’ve already successfully cashed out a R100 Takealot and I’m fast approaching being able to cash out again.

PanelSmart is a market research company that rewards you for sharing your grocery shopping habits. You scan all your shopping and they reward you each month, along with bonuses from time to time I will also write a review on it soon. I’ve cashed out over R1000 in Takealot voucher since I joined in November 2022.

There are two other shopping rewards platforms I was using but they are down for maintenance and have been for a while so until they are back up and running I will save those for another time.

For making money through completing surveys and offers, playing games, and referring others my top recommendations are Ysense and Swagbucks. I’ve written a review on Ysense, you can read it here, and Swagbucks is very similar and I will write a review on it as soon as I can.

True you only earn a little bit when you do online surveys, but it really does add up over time. To date I’ve earned $3521.03 through Ysense – when you convert that to ZAR its R69 629.76.

Click here to join Ysense.

Ysense earnings May 2023

Coupon Codes And Competitions

I’ve got a few competitions running on my blog, you can check them out here. I’ve also added a page to my website for all the coupon codes that I have for you. It made a lot more sense than typing out all the coupon codes out to share them with you. Check the coupon discount codes here. You can always access both these pages from my website’s main menu.

June 2023 Top Fan Hamper

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  1. what an awesome prize.

  2. Nice kaboutjie you did it again awesome prize

  3. My May month was awesome since it’s my birth month. Then winning the Top Fan hamper made it to be more special.

  4. Charlyn Theunissen

    You have kept me in good company for many years! Thank you for your hard work.

  5. Food is getting so expensive it is so hard to get by! Thanks for sharing those apps, I’m going to check them out. I hope you feel better from your fall soon. I had a fall last year and it took months for me to feel right afterwards.

    It’s brilliant you and your husband are still going on dates, I can’t remember the last time my husband and I went out alone without kids, its been years.

  6. Precious chikawa

    I love it cz it’s my daughter’s birthday

  7. Samantha Knight

    Thank you for the awsome things you post. And the wonderful price give aways you do.

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