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Maternity Jeans Shopping Guide For Any Shape To Rock That Baby Bump

Denim is one of the most popular clothing items and it’s relatively safe to assume that the majority of the population owns at least one or two pairs of jeans.

Hundreds of retail companies stock an array of various styles and items made from jean for different body shapes and sizes. The market for maternity clothing has increased significantly over the years and it goes without saying that there is a great selection of jean styles available, catering for expecting Moms.

But how do you choose which shape or style is the best fit for you according to your preference?

Have a look at this maternity jean shopping guide for any shape to rock that baby bump:

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Maternity Jeans Shopping Guide To Rock That Baby Bump


Maternity jean leggings

Maternity leggings are an essential item for any maternity wardrobe. They are designed differently from normal leggings. The style and design provide better support for your baby belly and they look great on all body types. Maternity jean print leggings look like a pair of jeans but are not actual jeans. They are very comfortable and stretches and moulds to your body as your pregnancy progresses.

Cloya maternity denim print full leggings


Plus size maternity jeans

There are great options available for plus size ladies when it comes to maternity clothing and plus size maternity jeans.

Jessica Simpson maternity jeans

These 5-Pocket boot cut Jessica Simpson maternity jeans are made from cotton and spandex and have a secret fit belly which make them the ideal choice.

Jessica Simpson boot cut maternity jeans – Option 1

Jessica Simpson boot cut maternity jeans – Option 2

Tall maternity jeans

Not only can you buy a range of styles for plus sized ladies nowadays, you can also buy styles that are available in tall or long sizes for ladies that are taller. 

Motherhood maternity super stretch woman’s boot cut jeans

This stylish full-length boot cut jean with secret fit belly is made from stretchy and relaxed fabric for a comfortable and flattering fit. This style is perfect for date night, the office or casual outings.

Designer maternity jeans

If you are a lady that loves wearing jeans on a regular basis, then investing in a pair of designer jeans is well worth the money. Designer jeans are comfortable, stylish, durable and well-fitted.

Paige maternity Verdugo designer jeans

This stylish pair of jeans are stretchy and features a nylon flat that sits underneath the chest area and covers the entire stomach area. The subtle fading and whiskering style give this garment a one of a kind look.

Real waist maternity jeans

A lot of jeans styles that are made nowadays have a low rise. Basically, the waist is 2 inches lower than your belly button. Between the different brands there are differences in designated sizes which means that a size that fits you for a specific brand might not necessarily fit you for another brand.

When buying jeans, pay attention to the rise of the jeans. Jeans that have a higher rise will fit closer to your natural waist line.

Lowla high waisted skinny jeans

These maternity pants have an up to date design with a flattering and modern look and is fitted with a belly panel which is adjustable, making them the ideal choice to wear during pregnancy and beyond.

Cheap maternity jeans

When shopping for a maternity wardrobe you don’t have to splurge on the most expensive brands. You get a lot of cheaper styles available that are comfortable and flattering. Since you’ll only be wearing them during pregnancy, it is well worth looking into these options.

Hybrid & Company super comfy stretch maternity jeans

These 5-pocket flattering style jeans are made from cotton and spandex for a stretchy and comfortable fit.

Maternity jean shorts

When you are expecting your new-born’s arrival during the Summer months, then buying a few pairs of maternity jean shorts are worth your while. There are a great variety of styles available to pick and choose from:

Liuruijia Summer adjustable elastic care belly denim shorts

What makes this style unique is that it can be worn pre-pregnancy, medium and after pregnancy.  This garment has a full panel around the midriff section that provides support to you and your baby bump. The pants have a V-shaped design which reduces the pressure on the navel. It also come with a pull-on closure and midrise drawstring waistband which is adjustable.

Motherhood cuffed Bermuda maternity shorts

This style is a bit more modest in length and is ideal for ladies that would prefer more coverage. It comes with a secret fit belly for optimum comfort and has a 4.5-star rating on the website.

Cropped maternity jeans

Cropped three-quarter length jeans are ideal if you’re considering pants that are not too short or long in length. They can be dressed up with a blouse or button shirt for a more formal look or worn with a t-shirt or tank top for a more casual look.

Motherhood embroidered skinny leg cropped maternity jeans

Made from stretchy cotton, polyester, rayon and spandex material. Fitted with secret fit belly and has a four-star rating on the website.

Skinny maternity jeans

Skinny jeans are versatile and flattering and can be worn by most body types if you wear them in a way that suits your specific shape.

Skinny jeans can be worn with a fleece dress or a long flowy top and they look great with a peasant top during Summer months.

Another great benefit is that you can pair them with different styles of shoes. You can wear them with long pirate boots or cute ankle boots during the Winter and with sandals, flops, wedges or open-toe high heels for a great Summer look.

Ag jeans skinny leg designer ankle medium jeans

This 5-pocket skinny fit jeans are super comfortable, flattering and comes with a secret fit belly.

Straight leg maternity jeans

Straight leg jeans are a popular cut when buying a pair of jeans. They are comfortable and have a consistent leg-width, running straight down to the bottom of the leg. They have a snug fit in the thigh and give the appearance of an elongated look.

NYDJ women’s straight leg maternity jeans

This particular style has a pull-on closure and features a high waist that covers the entire stomach area. These jeans are flattering, as they contain an exclusive slimming lift tuck technology feature and a stretchy waistband to provide maximum comfort. They can be worn through all stages of pregnancy, making them an ideal choice.


We hope that this shopping guide for buying maternity jeans has been helpful in assisting you with making the right choice when planning your maternity wardrobe.

Jeans are the perfect choice for any wardrobe because they are so versatile and are available in assorted colours and styles. They can be worn with most body shapes and can be dressed up for a smart look or dressed down for a more casual look.

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  1. I had one maternity Jean and I loved it. Unfortunately it got smaller towards the end of my pregnancy. It was very comfortable and it did not feel like I had to take it off first thing when I got home

    • Oh what a pity they got smaller towards the end! I had an amazing pair of maternity jeans and wore them through both my pregnancies and beyond. They were so comfortable and looked great.

  2. Terri-lee Falken

    Gosh I didn’t even want to wear pants let alone jeans my maternity tights was my best friend although I did have a couple of maternity jeans that served me well during my pregnancy

  3. This was very helpful. I did not wear many jeans after my stomach started to grow, I found myself wearing tights, leggings and dresses

    • Leggings were also my favourite to wear during pregnancy but I also had a pair of stunning maternity jeans that were so comfortable!

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