Behind The Scenes March 2023 – Plus Giveaway

March 2023 was a busy and difficult month. Juggling family responsibilities, kids, work commitments, loadshedding, and some family problems has been tough.

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Behind The Scenes March 2023

March 2023

Burnt Out And Exhausted

Finding balance is not easy and maintaining balance feels impossible. When I manage to achieve balance in my life it is for short periods of time and then something comes and destroys it. This year has been one of the hardest times to keep my life in balance.


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A family member that we live with has Parkinsons and Parkinsons Dementia and since I work from home I’m really feeling the punch. It feels like I’m being pulled in all directions with someone always needing something from me. It used to be that I could work in my own time during the morning without disturbance, have a break, then fetch my kids and focus on them for the afternoon but has gone out the window this year.

I’m now in the sandwich generation, an adult in the middle caring for the younger generation and the older generation. It’s a tough place to be.


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Cabo Beach Club Press Lunch

One of the highlights of March was getting out of the house for a day trip to Cape Town to spend the day with my friend Judy from Fun Mamma SA. We attended the Cabo Beach Club press lunch and it was a lovely day. The venue, entertainment, and food were perfect. There were celebrity guests which was entertaining and fun.

Getting away for the day did me the world of good and fed my soul


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Amazon Dress

My dusty pink dress from Amazon arrived in March and I am so in love with it! It is the second dress I ordered in this style because the first one was perfect. I wrote a review on the first one, you can check it out here.

It’s interesting how my style has changed. In my twenties I loved wearing short dresses or jeans In my thirties my favourite thing to wear was leggings and now in my forties I’ve started wearing long dresses for the first time in my life and its my top choice of clothing.


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Games And Puzzles

It seems loadshedding has become a permanent feature in our lives in South Africa, with no let up in sight. While it makes life really hard when it comes to work, cooking, laundry, and many other things, I’ve found that it’s made use bond more as a family.

We’ve been playing a lot more games, so I am super chuffed with the 20 in 1 board game set I received from Funliving. With the days being shorter it is going to come in handy with the dark evenings when we have no power.


I’m so excited about Swagbucks. I joined years ago, but I found that it wasn’t really worth my effort since I could only complete the daily poll for $0.01 since that was all I could access on their site from South Africa.

Recently a fan contacted me on Facebook and recommended Swagbucks so I went back to have another look. It was a pleasant surprise to see that I now also have access to surveys and offers to make money online. I’ve now successfully cashed out my first $5 Amazon gift card and will cash out via Paypal next before I write my review on it. It’s very similar to Ysense which is my favourite survey company to make a side income.

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