Make Your Own Slime

Make Your Own Slime

Once again I set out to my daughter’s school to show the kids how to make your own slime. I tested this activity on a group of 3 year olds and they loved it. This one can get quite messy *note to self: next time bring spare clothes for myself to go to work in afterwords!*

All the kids in the class got their slime sent home with them and the feedback I got from moms is that it kept their kids occupied for another hour after school. Anything that keeps my kids happy and busy is a winner!


This one needed a little bit of prep, so make sure you remember to get it ready 24 hours before.

How to make your slime:

  • Add 2 cups water to 1/4 cup flax seeds and soak for 24 hours in the fridge in a sealed tupperware container.
  • Put the flax seeds and water in a big bowl and whisk.
  • Add 1 teaspoon Xanthan Gum and whisk again. I got the Xanthan Gum from Kerry Bruwer, Organic at Home.
  • Add some food colouring (only a few drops are needed) and stir in.
  • Add in 450g Maizena and mix with hands, it will be very gooey to start off with and will slowly become more like slime. Add in a little Maizena in at a time until you reach the consistency of slime. If it is a little crumbly, wet your hands and work it until it is the right consistency.

This is edible as it is made from all natural products, so don’t worry if your little one takes a bite. I don’t think it would be very tasty but it is safe.

You can store it in the fridge in a sealed container for up to a week. It will be go hard in the fridge, just wet your hands and knead it until it is slimy again.

Have you made your own slime?

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  1. This is super! Great for school projects or even just for having fun with the kids.
    Even better knowing that it’s edible – you know how little ones put everything to the mouth …

  2. Love this!!! My boys will have a blast getting messy!! They would possibly try and eat it though! 🙂

    • It won’t be tasty… BUT it is edible, won’t hard them at all. It is all made from natural food goods so perfectly safe, on he yummy side I’m sure it scores a 0 lol

  3. Gonna try soon!!!

  4. Gonna try soon!!!
    Have to get kids off cellphones and tablets

  5. 1 day i would love to attempt this however i seem to have a problem as to where to go look / find these ingridients as some I have never heard of.
    Perfect idea for show and tell and projects and partys

  6. Slime is the best ever! My daughter is obsessed! Going to try this out with her!

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