Majorette Tune Ups Series 2

Majorette Tune Ups Series 2 Review

We loved the first series that came out last year so we are so excited about the Majorette Tune Ups Series 2 that has just launched. We received 6 cars to review and my son was over the moon when I told him about it.

***Disclosure – This post is a trade exchange (the products were gifted in exchange for a review), the views remain my own***

Majorette Tune Ups Series 2 Review

About Majorette Tune Ups Series 2

Majorette Tune Ups is a range of die-cast cars from France – each pack comes with 7 surprises including the car, collector’s chip, sticker sheet, accessories to customise your car, storage box, and a pamphlet showing all the cars available to collect.

Majorette Tune Ups Series 2 has 18 metal cars to collect:

  • 8 Cool cars – stunning paintwork and chrome sticker sheet
  • 6 Rare cars – special paintwork, chrome tuning body kit, and chrome sticker sheet
  • 3 Super Rare cars – special paintwork, chrome tuning body kit, chrome accessories, and chrome sticker sheet
  • 1 Ultra Rare car – metallized god paintwork, chrome tuning body kit, chrome accessories, and chrome sticker sheet

Majorette Tune Ups are available at Takealot, Toy Kingdom, and Toys R Us.

My Majorette Tune Ups Series 2 Review

We absolutely love the second series of Majorette Tune Ups! My son was ecstatic that the first car that was opened was the one and only Ultra Rare Ford Bronco Wildtrak GOLD RUSH. We also got the Lamborghini Ultra ICE CRUSHER (Super Rare), Toyota G186 SPEED HUNTER, and Cool Cars Toyota Hiace HI-Class, Toyota DT86 SPRINT STAGE, and Suzuki JImny LITTLE J.

Just like the first series I reviewed last year, these cars are amazing quality and so much fun for kids. Both my children loved unboxing them and have been playing with them ever since. I loved watching my kids expressions when they opened up the boxes to see what they received. So much excitement. While cars may be considered a toy for boys my 10 year old daughter loves these cars too.

One of the things that they love is that the storage boxes fit together so nicely so the kids can stack them together in so many different ways. It also makes such a stunning display in their room.

The collectors chips add such a nice touch including attributes about terrain, speed, and style, captivating my son’s interest in each car.

These cars are such good quality, my kids are really hard on their toys, and the every single car and accessory from the first series we received last year are still in top condition. This second series looks to be right on par with amazing quality.

I highly recommend you check out the Majorette Tune Ups Series 2 – your child child will love them for sure.

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  1. Chane van Eeden

    This is absolutely amazing! My 3 year old son loves cars. The factthat you do not know what car is inside makes it so fun and exciting

  2. Phyllis Salochan

    So would love to win this amazing giveaway for my little prince

  3. Awesome prize for any boy

  4. These cars sound awesome. I have three boys 8 years and under. They crazy about cars. The surprise is such a nice concept – exciting for little boys. I would love to see these instore myself.

  5. I would love to win this amazing prize for my twins,they love cars so much.

  6. Dheshree Lamech

    My kids would love this!

  7. A fantastic exciting gift for my 6 year old nephew who simply adores cars nd always eager to explore to the nxt level.

  8. My little lilly would love this

  9. Nelma Els-van Rooyen

    Holding thumbs, crossing fingers, looking for 4 leave clovers and wishing upon that lucky star! My boys will be so impressed with me ??? Amazing little toys these. Awesome to see other parents also knowing about it.

  10. Would love to win this for our son who has his birthday coming up soon.
    He adores cars.
    This would be perfect for a birthday gift for him.

  11. This is an amazing car for mom with boys, excellent Christmas gifts too. This should be on your wishlist. Wow such a great giveaway

  12. My son would go crazy if he were to win this. Amazing competition

  13. Would love this for my lil boy

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