Luna Angeli period kit - Luna Primrose

Luna Angeli Period Kit Review – Luna Primrose Pack

My daughter turns ten years old this week and something that has been on my mind a lot recently is preparing my daughter for puberty and menstruation. I’ve been very keen on making her a period kit, specifically something that she can keep with her at school for just in case. After talking to my blogging friend Judy (from Fun Mamma SA) she highly recommended that I contact Luna Angeli, she raved about their period packs to me. I contacted Luna Amgeli and they were open to a trade exchange which of course always makes me happy.

***Disclosure – This post is a trade exchange (the products were gifted in exchange for a review), the views remain my own***

Luna Angeli Period Kit Review

About Luna Angeli

Luna Angeli was launched by Melody Storm after she helped her daughter navigate puberty and menstruation. She strives to help moms and daughters handle the first period easily and in a personal way. Luna Angeli offers beautifully packaged and personalized menstruation starter kits for girls.

Luna Primrose Period Starter Kit

Luna Angeli offers a selection of starter kits and I chose the Luna Primrose for my daughter specifically because it includes a microwave bean bag which I was sure my daughter would love (and I was spot on).

The Luna Primrose kit includes the following items:

  • 1 pack of ultra thin disposable pads
  • 1 pack of 20 panty liners
  • 1 hand sanitizer
  • 1 body wash
  • 1 hot chocolate & mini marshmallows
  • treat pack of sweets
  • Luna tote bag
  • Luna pad pouch
  • microwave bean bag
  • 4 intimate wipes
  • 2 disposable scented bags
  • bespoke information letter

Luna Angeli period kit Primrose

My Impression Of The Period Kit

I unboxed the period kit in one of my live videos and I love how much thought was put into everything right from the get go. Melody knew I would most likely be opening it before my daughter so she made sure to package in such a way that I could repack it all for my daughter without damaging the wrapping. It arrived with her name on it and tied with a pretty blue ribbon.

The first after opening the bag was that is was scented with essential oils, such a beautiful touch! I love the Luna tote bag and pad pouch. The pad pouch is exactly what I envisioned for my daughter to discreetly keep her menstruation essentials in her school bag.

The microwave bean bag is super cute and perfect for what is is needed for.

The period essentials are perfect, giving me everything I need for my daughter’s first period. The hot chocolate, mini marshmallows and sweets are such a lovely touch making it fun and exciting for my daughter.

The personalized information letters are fantastic. One is personally addressed to me as a mother, giving me all the information I need on topics such as endometriosis and different menstrual products (with pros, cons, cost, convenience, hygiene and more), the other letter is personally addressed to my daughter giving her information on all things to do with menstruation including the menstrual cycle, ovulation, period pain, PMS, tips for her first period, sanitary pads, talking to mom and dad, swimming and showering, sleeping out, stains and more!

My Daughter’s Reaction

It’s one thing me being super impressed by the period kit but the real test was giving the package to my daughter to open up. She was so excited when I gave it to her and asked me if it was an early birthday gift and I said no, this has nothing to do with your birthday. This is because you are getting older and will be a woman soon. You need this. She was big time impressed with that.

As I thought her favourite item was the microwave bean bag, she wanted to start using it immediately! She loved all the sweet treats, in particular the hot chocolate and marshmallows (her favourite treat).

When she pulled out the pads and panty liners she looked at me and said “Oh pads….” and carefully placed them aside to check the rest of her goodies which I found quite amusing. She does know a bit about menstruation and pads since we have been having a good number of talks about it recently.

She took out the information letters (beautifully wrapped in ribbons) last and was so happy that one had her name on and she opened it and said “Wow that is a lot of information” and I explained she doesn’t have to read it all now. She is taking an interest in reading about menstruation and what she can expect. She finds it a lot easier to read in privacy and then come ask me questions when she is ready.

Period pack information letters

My Final Thoughts On The Luna Angeli Period Pack

I am so grateful that Judy referred me to Luna Amgeli for a period pack for my daughter. This is such an important milestone for young girls and I have been looking for a way to make it special for my daughter, not something to be feared or embarrassed about. The Luna Angeli period pack exceeded all my expectations and has been another fantastic parenting tool for me to easily navigate the new territory my daughter and I are now facing.

If you have a preteen daughter I highly recommend that you get the Luna Primrose period pack for your daughter too.

You can contact Luna Angeli through their Facebook page or contact Melody on 084 430 6366.

Win A Luna Angeli Express Pack

Win A Luna Angeli Express Pack

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  2. Such a nice giveaway for a girl ?

  3. Nokuthula Masuku

    I absolutely loved this review. I feel like ny niece would have the same reaction your daughter had if she got one. I really love the concept of this period kits.

    • It is so special for a young lady! I am feeling so much better now that her Luna pouch with her period essentials are in her bag. I just want to buy her some period panties for her to start wearing to school and I need to show her how to put the pad on her panties then we are all set!

  4. This is such a great idea designed by a mom who added her personal touch to make her daughter feel the most comfortable while going through 1 of the biggest changes/ transition from little girl to yiug lady. Awesome that you are giving the platform for the exposure of such incredible ideas!

  5. This is such a brilliant idea. I started menstruating when I was only 9 years and I think this wouldve helped me on the new journey I was embarking. This is really going to help alot of little girls and make their life easier. Big ups to Luna Angeli

    • Oh my word that is young Itumeleng! That was my concern with my daughter, that she starts young and is not prepared, I don’t want that happening to my daughter. We are almost completely ready, I just want to get her some period panties to wear to school to prevent any embarrassing accidents and then we are all set.

  6. This pack has everything needed for this “trying” time. Awesome!

  7. Wow….great getaway

  8. This is a must for all young girls. It will just make their introduction to periods so much better. It’s something we have to deal with but it can be a bit better if you are informed and prepared. I suggested that my daughter downloads one of those period predicor apps. These also helps.

    • Yes those period tracking apps are fantastic, I was using one until I had the Mirena put in and it really helped with keeping track of everything. Now that I have the Mirena I no longer have periods. I am going to get my daughter to use an app when she starts. I was using My Calendar.

  9. Wow absolutely amazing !
    This would be a beautiful gift for my 13 year niece who hasn’t gotten her first period as yet.

  10. I would like win this a mazing price

  11. Such a pretty lil pack! Absolutely awesome perfect for little girls, amazing review makes me want to unbox a pack for myself. Grateful to be growing up in Era where my daughters will be fortunate to experience this

  12. Would be a great giveaway for my niece. She’s just turned 13 ?

  13. This is so perfect for our little young ladies… My daughter is turning 10 and I havent given her the talk about this yet. I always said when she is 10 we will have the talk.

    • It is perfect Naomi, my daughter just turned 10 and we have now had plenty of talks, I’m feeling that we are well prepared now 🙂 Good luck with your daughter!

  14. My daughter is 9years old and I think now is the right time to prepare her.. She’s a very clever girl and understand everything I’ve already told her, but is she really ready for the real thing.. let’s hope so


  15. This is such a nice giveaway.I never see people giving away feminine products

  16. Extra care and attention. Young girls need to be seen and they need to know that what happens to their bodies are important

  17. Beautiful ? would gift this to my Goddaughter

  18. I really love the Luna kit and wish my mom gifted me something like this when I was younger.

  19. That is the cutest most thoughtful pack ever for a young girl. I love how they provide information about it.

  20. Natasha Stewart

    This period pack is really cool way of introducing menstruation ☺

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