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Mentholatum SA, a health and wellness company and the makers of Happy Event, recently invited a selection of South African female consumers to take part in a 14-day trial.

With so much body negativity and pressure on women the world over, Happy Event decided to take a slightly different approach and invite some of its followers on a Happy Event journey to learn to love their bodies and see if Happy Event heritage products could play a role.

“We believe that our bodies are wondrous works of art, allowing us to experience the magic of life, and that they deserve to be loved and looked after in the same manner they look after us. From puberty through to pregnancy or weight fluctuation, our body has the most amazing ability to evolve and change as needed as it accompanies us on our journey. It’s time to celebrate this, to embrace our beautiful bodies and to give it the love and care that it deserves,” says Joanna Nel, Brand Manager, Happy Event South Africa. That is why Happy Event has created products that women have been trusting for over five decades.

Of the participants in the two week trial, an overwhelming 82% saw a significant difference in the reduction of their stretch marks within two weeks of using the products, with as many as 97% stating that the Happy Event range of products had either met and/ or exceeded their expectations. Similarly, as many as 97% were keen to recommend the range to others, with 96% of participants committed to purchasing these products again in the future. Other highlights included 97% who experienced the Happy Event range to be premium quality making use of the finest ingredients, with a staggering 99% considering it absolute value for money.

Some actual feedback included:

  • “My stretch marks are lighter, my skin feels softer, firmer and it is looking more radiant than ever before.”
  • “I love the clean, fresh smell of the soap and how gentle it is on my skin, the cream feels like satin on my skin and there is no greasy residue.”
  • “Difference? I’m in love with the difference!”
  • “Entering third trimester without a single stretchmark. Thank you Happy Event.”
  • “This amazing product has helped my stretch marks to fade within two weeks.”
  • “It’s only been a few days since I’ve been using this Antenatal Massage Lotion and I’m in love. It honestly feels so amazing on my skin.”  

Happy Event is a legacy brand with a rich heritage. For the past 50+ years, Happy Event’s range of stretch mark reducing and preventing body care products have been supporting women through all of life’s events – mothers during both antenatal and postnatal stages of their journey, women who’ve experienced weight fluctuation and teens going through puberty.

Happy Event’s product formulations are paraben free and contain a powerful key ingredient sourced from the finest olive oil orchards in Spain – pure olive oil of the highest quality. Its special formula works to rebuild your skin’s moisture barrier, improving its elasticity and allowing it to expand safely during pregnancy and/ or weight fluctuation. It leaves your skin deliciously soft and reduces the appearance of stretch marks to a great extent. It also works to prevent the formulation of new stretch marks.

The Happy Event range includes:

Everyday range

A newly launched range for everyBODY that comprises Luxury Cream Bars and Body Butter, both of which are uniquely formulated to prevent stretch marks.

Antenatal range

A range made with mommas to be in mind that comprises an Antenatal Massage Cream and Lotion that you use from the start of your pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks, regenerate skin and regulate its natural moisturising system. Now available in an affordable and convenient 50ml.

Firming Range

Happy Event Firming Cream is made for postnatal mommas and those who’ve experienced non-pregnancy related weight loss or gain. It’s packed with natural ingredients such as pure olive oil, pink pepperslim, centella extract and collaplus and works to revitalise your skin by toning and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Also available in the new 50ml.

Available from Pick ‘n Pay, Dischem, Clicks, Checkers and Takealot.

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  1. I’m so glad for the Everyday range, Happy Event is a great revolutionary brand honestly

  2. I love Happy Event! Used it with both my pregnancies ❤️

  3. Patricia von Meyer

    I have never heard of these products. Thank you for I post. I will definitely try it.

  4. Andrea Christians

    I have been using Happy Event for more than 20 years..

    I was introduced to the product by my mom with my first pregnancy…and i have been using it continuously.. With my second pregnancy she (mom) checked if i am still using it!

  5. I have tried some of the samples and it’s such awesome products

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