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Love Letter My Husband

Love Letter My Husband

A Love Letter to My Husband

5 years ago today we met for the first time,
the moment you smiled I knew you were the one.

Within 3 months you gave me the greatest gift I have ever received,
It was unexpected but the way things were supposed to be.

Within 5 months you asked me to be your wife,
to be a family and start a new life.

Within 9 months we said our marriage vows,
to be together forever and never be apart.

In just less than a year our angel girl joined us,
she brought us closer than we had ever been,
at the same time she pushed us apart and made things hard.

Before our angel turned two you gave me another gift,
what a surprise it was too soon!

Now our boy is turning 2 and girl has just turned 4,
they give us joy and troubles too,
but I would have it no other way.

Our journey together has not always been easy,
in fact some times have been really hard.

The last 5 years has been a roller coaster,
happiness and struggles all rolled into one.

I’m sorry for the hard times I given you,
especially after our daughter’s birth.
I didn’t want to hurt you,
I just coped the best I could.

Thank you for loving me no matter what I do,
for forgiving me when I’ve been nasty to you.

Thank you for being faithful,
in your heart and body too.

Thank you for being a family man,
you put our children first.

I’m sorry for moaning you don’t do the dishes,
and then when you do for moaning too,
for saying they’re not clean enough
and washing them all over again.

I’m sorry for when I work so late,
then being too tired for you.
I’m trying to make us a better life
to spend more time with you!

Thank you for understanding this,
for being supportive and patient with me.

The baby years are over now,
they don’t need so much from me.
I’m hoping now I will have more to give to you.

I love you with all my heart,
I can’t wait for another 5 years spent with you.

Your wife

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