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Little Known Costco Membership Benefits

The Costco chain store is one of the leading retail stores. It’s also a multinational organization which has benefits that you can explore other than having the best hotdogs and delicious food samples. They have an annual fee payment where you can enjoy all the benefits Costco’s has to offer which is a relatively good investment when you utilize them properly. Here are the benefits of Costco membership that you can explore to your advantage broke down for you.

Little Known Costco Benefits

1. Medical Insurance

Costco offers affordable rates for members with individual plans or relatively smaller business plans. It’s a good step forward for you to check the Costco insurance policies if you do not have an insurance policy or in need of a new insurance plan if your current insurance policy is about to expire. It’s important for you to read their insurance fine prints in order to ensure Costco’s insurance plans mirrors your insurance needs before your sign on.

2. Free health screenings

Another Costco Membership benefit is the free health screenings they offer for you as a member. They have a well set out pharmacy departments at their various local branches where you can visit and they can check and diagnosis you for various conditions like osteoporosis and diabetes among others. You can contact your local Costco store in order to know the dates and times of free screening prior to or also check online for your local store events and plan accordingly.

Eye wear

3. Budget eyewear & group vision plans

This benefit is a sure dime due to the fact of how fast this deal ends. The Costco stores offer really competitive deals on reading glasses and also offer group visions plans. You should check with your local store or even online to get full details and day and time they offer these services. With that you can take full advantage of this immediately the glasses are on offer.

4. Low prescription costs

Costco stores offer a considerably and relatively lower prescription costs on many drugs in their various stores. What makes this benefit more reliable and enticing for you is the fact that you don’t have to be a member to get this offer. All is needed from you is to inform the Costco various pharmacy outlets depending on your locality or area that you are there specifically to drop-off or pick-up a prescription.

5. Unique deals on gifts sets

At the beauty and housewares sections of the various Costco stores, you can get gift sets during the holidays. You can get items packaged together in a gift set at a competitive price or even really unique gift sets at good prices. This is definitely a benefit for Costco membership.

6. Low-cost vaccinations

Another medically related benefit from Costco just for you is the low-cost vaccination prices. From the first benefit being medical insurance, you can get really low vaccine charges if your insurance policy doesn’t cover for it. Also, if you have any savings, you can take advantage of them with this benefit.

Popcorn and movie tickets

7. Discount movie tickets & gift cards

The cost you incur from going to the movies regularly can be cut down with just a Costco membership. They give a discount on movie tickets which you can take full advantage of this summer to enjoy blockbusters with your loved ones. When you visit Costco you can get up to 25% discount on tickets.  You can add on popcorns and even drinks with this reduced offer which also extends a hand to their specific gift cards.

8. Low grocery prices

At the Costco stores, you can save up your money due to their relatively lower grocery prices for you to exploit. You should visit your nearest Costco outlet to access these low prices for items such as cheese and peanut butter.

9. Awesome prices on birthday cakes

At the Costco bakery, you can get really tasty and affordable cakes. They have a nice offer on birthday cakes for you. This is offer is a reduced price for members on birthday cakes and you should check with them and inquire about pricing.

10. Ink cartridge refills

This offer is quite impressive not only price wise but it’s also environmentally friendly. At their various outlets, Costco offer refills on your individual inkjet cartridges. You just have to take your old ink cartridge and they will fill it up for you. This saves up to 70% of your money in comparison to purchasing a new cartridge. You also help in environment conservation and a greener environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste from purchasing new cartridges every single time intended for landfills.

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