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Lifegain® – For Those Who Want More

Our bodies have more of a chance of managing the difficulties that life throws at them if they are well nourished. Indeed, good nutrition is one of the few things under our control when we need renewed vigour.

Tip: Exhaustion can be an early warning that the body is not getting enough needed nutrients.

Lifegain- For Those Who Want More

We could be recovering from surgery or injury, struggling with illness, undergoing stress or be elderly. Or busy lives may result in our relying a bit too heavily on fast foods and snack. Over the longer-term this can result in essential nutrients lacking, carrying a greater risk of degenerative disease. At all these times we have increased nutritional needs, especially for protein,

Lifegain® Advanced Nutritional ShakeLifegain product tin has been tried and trusted by South Africans for 20 years, and its excellent formulation can help to restore nutrient levels and assist in repairing body tissues and maintaining muscle mass.

Visit https://lifegain.co.za/real-life-stories/ for inspiring stories from users.

Lifegain® is also a nutritious choice for healthy people who want to stay that way!

In its 20 years on the South African market there has never been an equivalent nutritional supplement packing the ALL-IN-ONE cost-effective punch of Lifegain®. So, when shopping for various supplements, it is worth comparing content and cost per serving. It would take a lot of tablets to get the protein and nutrients that once-a-day Lifegain® provides at only R13-R14 a serving for example.

Lifegain product rangeMixed with milk or water, Lifegain®’s gently processed triple protein blend of soy, milk and whey protein isolate provides 15 grams of protein a serving, plus essential amino acids, antioxidants, isoflavones, vitamins, minerals, glutamine and polyunsaturated fatty acids.  Blitzed up with ripe pawpaw or berries, bananas, peanut butter or chocolate powder, Lifegain® also makes a delicious breakfast or anytime smoothie https://lifegain.co.za/recipes/

Available from Takealot, selected pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide.


Lifegain® 1 kg tin in vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry flavours, around R435.

Lifegain® 300 g tin in vanilla, chocolate, cappuccino, or strawberry flavours, around R180.

Lifegain® single serving sachets in strawberry or vanilla, around R19.

Lifegain® Junior from 3 years, 300 g tin in vanilla, around R180.

Lifegain® Glutamine 200 g tin, around R170.

Hampers of Lifegain® Products

WIN 1 of 2 Hampers of Lifegain® Products

Fill in your details in the form below to win one of 2 hampers of Lifegain® products each valued at over R1000

This competition is open for residents of South Africa.

This competition is open for entries from 21 June – 26 July 2021 – the winner will be announced on our competitions page.

T & C’s apply

This Competition Is Closed For Entries

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  1. I would really like to win this one. I need some energy in my body. I’m crossing my fingers

    • Anikie Malatji

      I would like to win products for my mother, her day to day work as domestic worker requires lot of energy so if she could get this her immune system would be at the right level.?

  2. Being a unemployed mother of a 3 year old. I tend to eat unhealthy. Lifegain will help me live longer and healthy

  3. Mishqah Stoffels

    I’d really love to win this awesome giveaway!

  4. Would really love to state the chocolate flavour❤️❤️❤️

  5. WOW this is exactly what I need as I have been through a terrible 10 months with my 94 year old mom being very ill and I have lost so much weight, this would help me get back on track to a normal weight so that I can be strong for her and be able to look after her.

  6. Leatitia Du Toit

    Really nice prize!

  7. Alexandria Viljoen

    How i would love to win this amazing giveaway

  8. My partner is skinny, and he suffers from Crohns. I battle to keep his weight up, so this would do him the world of good.

  9. Lifegain is really good my dad was on it when he was sick and unable to eat.it have him strength..it’s highly recommended as it also has so much nutrition and vitamins…

  10. Ridolf Coertze

    Awesome competition. My wife, who is pregnant with twins, and I are recovering from Covid and giving these shakes a try would be amazing

  11. Hi, ek hoop om hierdie prys te wen!

  12. Wow!

  13. Nokuthula Masuku

    What a great way to keep healthy and in shape. This life gain hamper would be so useful with making a shake on the go since I never have the time to eat.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I’m so with you Nokuthula, it is not easy as a busy mom finding the time to sit down and eat, an on the go shake is a fantastic option!

  14. I feel tired these days, this will really help me have strength

    • Linda J Graskie

      As pensioners my hubby and I would benefit greatly from this awesome giveaway if I was lucky enough to win especially as hubby has leukemia. Liked and following on both platforms for a long time now. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity ?

    • I hope I win ,I really need this to help Boost my energy

  15. Chrismarie Fourie

    I have used Lifegain when my mom was sick to give her extra nutrients when she needed it the most… That is why I prefer using Lifegain for myself and my family for the nutritional benefits… #WinWithKaboutjie #Lifegain ???

    • Chrismarie Fourie

      Entered, Subscribed and hoping to win this AWESOME giveaway from a Awesome Page Kaboutjie!!!!

  16. I need to get Life gain for my mom, thank you for the opportunity

  17. This article has piqued my interest to try Lifegain.

  18. We LOVE Lifegain and use it everytime we get sick.
    It really helps getting you back up when you are down and out.

  19. Chantel Van aardt

    My son and husband will really benefit from this they cant gain weight and is sick all the time and man is not working

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