Twin Birth Story

Double Delight: Leanne’s Unforgettable Twin Birth Story

Where do I begin? My birth story is quite quirky and it was a roller coaster – but one of the most fun I have been on.

My husband I were not actively trying for a family when we found out we were pregnant. I was on the pill so this came as a huge surprise. I had a gynae appointment scheduled for early March 2013, and they said I should come in any way to check how far along I was.

Then came the boom… We were having twins. At 22 I did not expect to be having a baby, let alone twins. I wanted to travel and a baby was not on my mind just yet. My mind was on my studies as I was in my final year of my Education degree. We were planning our dream wedding. There was already so much going on, and now we were hit with a ton of bricks.

About a week or two after finding out we were having twins, reality had set in and I had accepted our “fate”. I just wondered how I was going to have two babies at the end of the year and complete my degree, as this was very important to me. My family reassured me that they would help any way they could to help me reach my goal.

I had a really great pregnancy, even though I realized early on I’m one of those women that just does not enjoy being pregnant. I love my babies, but the process of having them took a toll on my body and my mind. So many changes happened so quickly.

I had very few complications even though I was considered a high risk pregnancy from day 1. We found out at 16 weeks we were having a boy and a girl. The entire family were immensely happy and proud that the first grandchildren and great grandchildren were one of each.

We planned our wedding for 15 June 2013. And it was spectacular. Not the beach wedding in Mauritius I had envisioned prior to March, but I was happy nonetheless. The stress of planning our wedding in 4 months and studying for mid-year exams was brutal. Long nights were hard to do as I became exhausted very quickly. But I knew I didn’t want to repeat anything, so I soldiered on with the help of my wonderful sister, Melissa. She got me through the hardest times that year… It was a good thing we both studied Education and took mostly the same classes.

Throughout my pregnancy I was happy, healthy and for the most part, calm. I tried not to stress unnecessarily, but the further I got into my pregnancy, the more I stressed about how often twins are born prematurely and have to spend time in NICU. This got to me a lot and it was constantly on my mind. I feared that my children were always at risk.

I made it to 35 weeks and 5 days. The day my babies were born, I woke up and just felt different. I knew something was weird and off. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t really walk. My husband was meant to work out of town that week but stayed home because he knew something might happen, good for me, because it did.

He called my doctor and confirmed for us to go to the hospital, this was at about 9:30am on 15 October 2013. I made sure everything was ready and let me tell you, if I could’ve driven myself to the hospital I would have.

I was expecting to be told its a false alarm, and get home and be extremely uncomfortable for another week or two. But the doctor looked at me and told me I would be having these babies in a couple of hours.

I felt terrified, I mean, you prepare nine months for your baby, but I didn’t fully prepare myself emotionally for their arrival. Like, what do I do once they’re here? I was petrified.

I was admitted to the hospital and immediately got steroid injections to help mature the babies lungs, and it hurt a lot. Then one hour later I was being wheeled into theatre for my c-section.

After receiving my spinal block, my blood pressure dropped a lot and my anesthesiologist got worried. He gave me medication to help raise my blood pressure, but this made me extremely drowsy and sleepy. I was scared I would sleep through my babies births. Its not like I would be able to go back and repeat it.

Once I was stable my husband was allowed in, he kissed me on the forehead and told me he loves me.

At 14:26 our little girl Chelsey McKenna Crossman was born. Her cry was unbelievable and a moment I will never forget. That moment I knew I had done something right, she was perfect. She weighed 2.09kg and was 44cm long.

At 14:28 our little boy Chayse Paul Crossman was born. He had the loudest and most piercing cry. He was my little man. I knew he was perfect. Our family was complete. He weighed 2.67kg and was 45cm long.

Once they were checked out and we got some photos they were placed in the incubators to go up to the nursery. My husband kissed me and told me how great I was and a job well done, then he went off with our pride and joys.

Once I had come out from recovery and was in my room, I was told Chelsey’s lungs were wet and that she had been on Oxygen for about 45 minutes. I got so concerned and just wanted to see my babies. Hold them. Love them.

My little fighter had done such a great job, she was off the Oxygen and right in my arms with her brother.

All the stories of NICU and going home with one or none of our babies had faded away. There they were, just perfect little beings. MY perfect little beings.

We all went home, happy and healthy four days later and have been a happy, loving family ever since.

I am very happy with my birth story, I had choices, I was involved, but most of all, I felt in control. I had a great surgical team and doctor and am thankful to God for the way things turned out.

It was an extremely positive experience for both my husband and I, but especially our babies.

They are happy 14 month olds and are driving me crazy – as they should. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!

Leanne Crossman

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  1. Wonderful birth story! Love it!

  2. Your babies are beautiful Leanne. Well done and thanks for sharing!

  3. Heart touching and your babies are beautiful.

  4. barnard.mariska


  5. Aahhw what a story!
    They are so beautiful.

    A friend of mine lost one of her babies and its heartbreaking.

    You are truly blessed Leanne!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your story…? beautiful….and cute babies

  7. Thank you for sharing your story…? beautiful and heart touching….and your babies are so cute

  8. Im a twin love this post

  9. I really enjoyed reading your story, as I can relate to you…twins, boy and girl, and a lot of stressful days during the pregnancy, but joy, love and happiness is what you have and feel after all.

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