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Kimchi Recipe – For Weight loss and detox

Kimchi is a dish that includes fermented cabbage and is a food staple in the Korean diet. Kimchi is a superfood which is packed with nutrients and is a healthy choice to include in your diet.

Kimchi for detox

Not everyone can detox through fasting or escape to the Himalayas for a retreat. Since we live in cities which are polluted with all kinds of toxins, there is no way for us to avoid them wherever we go.

Fermentation is a process which removes toxins like prussic acid, oxalic acid, nitrosamines and nitrites from food. Toxins are known for accelerating aging. Fermented foods assist with eliminating waste as well as neutralizing toxic substances and promote better absorption of nutrients in our bodies. It also eradicates the cyanide which is present in certain variations of cassava (a tropical plant), rendering it safe and nutritious for consumption. The kimchi recipe contains garlic and onions which are both healthy and naturally detoxifying.

Kimchi Recipe - For Weight Loss & Detox

Kimchi for weight loss

Kimchi contains healthy lactobacillus bacteria which is utilized by the body for healthy functioning. This good bacterium also aids with weight loss as it controls your appetite and reduce blood sugar levels. The fiber content in kimchi ensures that your body stays “full” and makes you feel satisfied for longer and inhibits you from overindulging.

A study in The Nutritional Research journal of New York which was conducted on obese patients has revealed the beneficial effects that fermented kimchi has on the body relating to body mass index (BMI) and body fat.

1.Super Easy Kimchi recipe to make at home

This recipe is an easy recipe for making traditional spicy Kimchi.

2.Non-spicy Vegan Korean white kimchi recipe

I’ve included the non-spicy Vegan kimchi recipe for people that don’t like food that is too spicy. This recipe is healthy and vegan-friendly.

Other benefits associated with including Kimchi in your diet

  1. Lowering cholesterol

Studies performed in South Korea revealed that participants who consumed more Kimchi has shown a more significant drop in cholesterol levels which reduce the risk of heart attacks or other diseases associated with high cholesterol.

  1. Promoting digestion

Kimchi is an excellent food option for promoting digestion. It contains probiotics which is assisting in the fermentation process which is not only enhancing the taste but also creates healthy bacteria (Lactobacillus) that the body needs for maintaining good intestinal health. Kimchi is made from cabbage which has excellent detoxification properties and assist the body with getting rid of toxins and waste. The Fiber content helps with promoting bowel movements and prevents constipation.

  1. Superfood loaded with antioxidants

Antioxidants are essential for fighting free radicals in our bodies and for counteracting diseases such as Alzheimer and cancer as well as slowing down the aging process. Antioxidants are found in vegetables and fruit. Kimchi in particular are a superfood when it comes to antioxidant content and other nutrients which is needed to maintain optimum health.

  1. Packed with vitamins

Kimchi is rich in vitamin A – which is perfect for eyesight, Vitamin B – for boosting your immune system and Vitamin C – slowing down the aging process.

  1. Super easy to prepare

Making kimchi involves the use of easily accessible ingredients and a fairly simple preparation process.

  1. Boosting your immune system

Kimchi contains loads of Vitamin B and if you’re looking to keep your immune system in check, make sure you are including a chunk of kimchi as part of your diet.

  1. Highly versatile

Kimchi tastes amazing and is super versatile. Did you know that 300 various types of kimchi are available? If you are looking for more Kimchi recipes to lose weight, there are plenty available online or in Korean recipe books.

  1. Affordability

There are so many superfoods on the market that comes and go and some of them are expensive. Kimchi ingredients are affordable, and they go a long way.

  1. Mouth-watering

Kimchi may not be for everyone and despite its many health benefits, some people might not want to eat food which is fermented. And for some people the smell can be off-putting. But once you get hooked on it, there is no way of going back. It is especially tasty when combined with bulgogi, ramen noodles or Korean pancakes.

Risk factors of eating too much kimchi

Kimchi is high in salt as part of the preparation process; therefore, you shouldn’t eat kimchi as a staple every day. It is better to use it as a side dish and avoid over-indulging, particularly if you have high blood pressure. Many people enjoy kimchi as a condiment and use it in rice, soup or as a topping on sandwiches.

Although kimchi has numerous health benefits and is considered a superfood, it is necessary to eat it with caution. Eating too much of this popular fermented dish can lead to digestive distress and may even increase your odds of developing gastric cancer.

Other Interesting facts about kimchi

  1. Kimchi is spelled Kimchi, Kimchee or gimchi.
  2. Traditionally, kimchi undergoes the fermentation process underground in earthen pots for months.
  3. The average adult Korean eats more than a quarter pound of kimchi each day.
  4. Seventy-five percent of kimchi which is consumed in Korea is homemade.
  5. A Seoul National University study revealed that chickens who were infected with H5N1 virus (avian flu) recovered after consuming food which contains the bacteria found in kimchi.
  6. More than 300 diverse types of kimchi exist.
  7. Kimchi was named one of the five healthiest foods worldwide by
  8. Kimchi was initially developed in Korea during the twelfth century to preserve vegetables during the cold winter months.
  9. Kimchi is a fermented food which is highly probiotic, meaning that it assists with the growth of good digestive bacteria.
  10. During the World Kimchi Eating Championship in Chicago (2013), Miki Sudo ate a whopping 8.5 pounds of this pickled delicacy in only six minutes. He won thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.

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