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Why Should Golf Be Your Kids’ Choice?

As parents we tend to look forward to introducing our children to sports activities. Apart from being healthy and fun, sports can also offer kids a wide range of benefits. While many tend to consider the most common sports, such as football, tennis, gymnastics and basketball, there are also less popular sports which could actually give your kids a great deal of satisfaction, coupled up with a myriad of benefits. This is golf.

Why Golf Should Be Your Kids Choice

Here are some key reasons why golf could be the perfect sports activity for your kids:

  1. Safer – if you are the kind of parent who has safety concerns, then golf is simply ideal. You will not have to worry about the probability of your child injuring himself, as with other sports activities which are more physical. Golf is a stimulating activity, which is comparatively safe.
  2. Competitive – it has a level of competitiveness as it is thought-provoking and calls for accuracy, as your child tries to hit the ball with just the right force and in the best manner. You can also make this an engaging activity as you compete against each other or have any siblings, cousins or friends join your little one on the course for a nice, friendly golf game.
  3. An outdoor activity – while playing golf your child will no doubt love the fact that he is outdoors, in a vast expanse of green area, getting plenty of fresh air. Spending time outdoors is beneficial for children and it improves their cognitive development.
  4. Improving self-confidence and self-esteem – this is an important aspect to look for when choosing an activity for your child. While playing golf your little one will be calculating various aspects without noticing. This is done every time he goes to hit the ball. Managing to get the ball into the hole, or very near to it, will give him an exhilarating feeling and a sense of accomplishment, which will in turn improve his self-confidence.
  5. Learning to be focused and patient – these are key skills that your child could learn from playing golf. Being relaxed and patient, attentive and focused are important to succeed at this game.
  6. Improving motor skills

To get your child started at playing golf, there are a number of golf toys for kids which you could consider buying him or her. These golf toys are fun but designed to offer kids beginner skills at golf, such as how to swing and how to go about putting.

Here are some examples of golf toys for kids that are recommended:

  1. Little TikesTotsports Easy Hit – a cute plastic golf club bag which comprises two clubs and three balls, along with the putter and driver, so that your kid can have fun playing putt-putt golf. This set is nicely designed and durable.
  2. Exercise in Play Deluxe Happy – a nicely designed set that looks quite similar to a grown-up’s golf club set. It is durable and safe for kids to play with. It comprises 15 pieces in all and everything fits nicely inside the bag.
  3. Velocity – with two practice holes and flags to set up the course, and three clubs and balls, your child will no doubt enjoy playing golf even in the backyard.
  4. Master Golfer Deluxe – another good quality golf set you could buy for your child. Nicely designed, with colourful and durable plastics, this golf set even includes a golf car with wheels, and obviously, the golf balls, putting cup and clubs.
  5. Complete Executive Indoor Golf Putter – if you prefer to have the option of playing indoors, then this could be perfect. It has an easy ball return feature and all that your child will need to play anywhere. This can also be taken for trips or when traveling as it has a collapsible putter and a travel bag to store all items easily inside. It is also very nicely designed and looks really realistic, making it ideal for older kids.

Kids golf fun

These are just a few examples of golf toys for kids that are available on the market. They have all been given good rating and reviews by parents who bought them for their children. It is always important to consider safety and design when shopping for any toys, and these are all good quality golf toys for kids that will allow them to have a great time playing golf anywhere, while getting used to the skills needed to start getting more proficient at this great game.

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