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The Top 8 Learning Activities Your Nanny Can Do With Your Children

American life in the 21st Century requires two incomes to survive. Because of this, many women are having to go back to work not long after they give birth to a child. For this reason, we are having to find quality childcare for our precious little ones.

The majority of us tend to seek out the services of a child care facility. This puts our kids into classrooms with other children, giving them exposure to many aspects of life and experiences with social interaction. It also exposes them to diseases, but that is a good thing; it helps them build up an immunity to illnesses. In a child care facility, the employees don’t just watch over our children, they also teach them. It is through them that they receive this exposure to colors and sounds.

However, not everyone uses a child care facility. They opt to hire a nanny to care for their children during working hours. This can be cheaper in most cases because the cost of childcare is high — even more so for infants! But how do we know if our children are receiving the same quality of education from the person we are paying to watch our children in-home?

To help your nanny in this capacity, you can suggest performing some of the following activities to them; to get them interacting with your infant or toddler more and help them learn what they need to know before they enter school.


For the first year, children are sponges. They absorb so much information in that time that it can really start defining who they are. Newborns especially need to have that exposure to the world around them. They may be extremely limited in how they can communicate, but starting them off early with learning is essential.


This is the time when a child starts expressing their personality. This is truly a fun time. It is when the activity choices can expand and become more engaging. Gather the items your child would need to build a rubber band guitar or a makeshift drum. They and the nanny can build the instruments together then play music on them. Instill a love for music early on so that the creativity and happiness it brings can continue for years to come.


Unfortunately, because of your work schedule, you cannot be home to help your child learn. That is why you have to rely on your nanny to keep things fresh and exciting. Something they can do would be to plant flowers. Your toddler will learn about how things grow and what they need to survive. They could also construct their own kites to fly outside. With the help of your nanny, they can learn engineering concepts simply from trial-and-error from making a kite that will fly.

If you allow the nanny to cook or bake, teaching them about measurements and food can help your child become aware of healthy eating habits, which will stick with them throughout their lives.

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