10 Fun Activities for Kids – Tips & Ideas

Kids love fun and several funny activities are around us. It is our duty to keep them in an entertaining environment. From this point, we tried to sort out ten fun activities that attract the kids most. Let’s get started:


1. Arranging Pet Show:

Kids love the pet. They used to play with pet animals like cats, dogs, rabbits etc. So for keep kids entertained all the time, give them some pets those can’t cause harm to kids. Make enough room and time to build decorations for participants like best of the show, smallest, most spotted and more.  After decorating your house, buy some variety of animals to play with kids.

2. Playing with Toys:

Kids like to play with toys. When they get used to touching things, they run here and there over the floor and carpet, play with pets, and most importantly play with colorful toys like several small cars, teddy bears, dolls etc. Kids find fun in giving shape to several parts of toys. You need to introduce toys that will help your kids to grow faster.

3. Playing with Creamy Things:

Creamy things attract kids. Kids often play with shaving cream, face wash, beauty cream when available. You need to keep a can of cheap cream, large table. What you need to do is to spray the cream and create some foam. Then roll up the clothes of your child and let them spread foam. Kids love this game very much. However, you need to be careful to your child during spreading foam.

4. Creating Puzzles:

Puzzles are effective not only for the old people but also for the kids. Kids like to play a simple puzzle. You need to take some crafts or small sticks, secure these with tape, and create a picture of toys or animals with this. After completing the picture, eradicate the tape and blend up the sticks. Your kids will then try to complete the puzzle. Kids will be benefited through this puzzle solving as they move puzzle parts and place these pieces and place these parts in the right spot. It also gives the lesson of patience to the kids.

5. Puppet Show:

Kids like to play with the puppet and puppet show is of great interest to them. To entertain kids regularly, you need to incorporate puppet theater in your home. By incorporating a home puppet show theater, kids can be introduced to dance and movement. You will get much more fun activities things at Savingnook. For this, you need to make a storytelling vessel that is filled with stimuli. It will develop the theatrical interest in kids. Then, you need to teach kids about music and combine dance and art with the music. Take help of large painted canvas. Introduce puppet dance with the music and kids will follow the puppet dance.

6. Adding Water to the List:

Nothing is funnier than having water in front of kids. Kids love water very much. But be careful of water because water can cause harm to kids, even death. To make water safe as well as fun for kids, you can make several water games for your kids. You can make water balloon penates, waterslide in the yard, water jump rope, crafty water pool noodle sprinkler, water pipe shooters with the help of pipes, water balloon toss, water balloon parachutes etc.

7. Painting:

Easiest and one of the best fun activities for kids are painting. You need to make enough space for your kids to make their own washable paint. Blend water with a little water or food color, a few shots of dish sap in order to make it easy to clean, a few spoons of cornstarch in plastic cups. Buy paintbrushes for the kids and let the kids paint in their own way on paper, sidewalk, surface etc. which helps you to easily wash out the paint. Kids like painting with several colors here and there. This experience leads to learn creative skills and excel themselves in a free environment.

8. Throwing Objects and Matching Shape Games:

Throwing objects here and there attract the kids very much. It is a great way to help gain control of several skills including motor skills. Kids like to toss rock or bean bag into a particular place. If your kids can understand the name of simple shapes, then matching shapes is an amazing game for your kids. You can help your kids by pointing out the shapes around him/her. Make some shapes like square, oval, circle, heart shapes etc. with the help of the cars or sticks. Then, mix these shapes and ask your kids to find out the particular shape.

9. Shadow and Bubble Games:

Kids are attracted by the shadows and bubbles. It is simple to sheet up over a chair or use walls in a dark room and lighting these with the flashlight. Children enjoy playing with shapes and animals with shadows. With the help of shadow shapes, you can also create puppet shows and jokes for your kids. Children also like blowing bubbles in the air.

10. Family Seasons:

Kids like being with the parents. The family is the best resort of their fun. You can go for holiday movie season with the kids to watch fun movies. Kids love going outside. So, take breathe and go for a tour with your kids during summer or winter.

Besides these ten fun activities, there are plenty of activities around us that can entertain the kids. These are top ten from my experience. Good luck with your kids!!

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