Kids Activities

7 Fun Activities To Plan For Your Kids

Kids having fun

Be it a sunny day or an extended vacation from school. Children are always up for some playtime. Playing helps kids develop new skills, explore different ideas, and burn energy. The simple act of inviting your children to play with you speaks volumes about your unwavering love for them. It demonstrates your …

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Toddler Alphabet Learning Activities

Learning The Alphabet

Learning about things is a part of everyday life for toddlers. As we know, children are at their growing age where the rate of their learning capacity is at its peak and therefore they can easily learn new words. If they are in their highest learning phase then why don’t we …

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Shaping Imaginations For The Future With Play-Doh

Play-doh family fun

The world needs brave imaginations, now more than ever. Play-Doh continues to ignite imaginations and empower kids to believe the future is theirs to shape. As we prepare for a new year, in what seems to be a constantly changing environment, Play-Doh continues to provide kids with shapeable, shareable, tactile …

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12 Best Learning Activities For Kids

Learning Activities

Play is one of the most effective ways where children can learn. Not only does it strengthen a child’s concentration, but it is also vital for preparing them for school as it underpins everything from the start of scientific thinking to learning social norms and interactions. Play offers a fun …

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18 Montessori Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

Kid Playdough Activity

Practical life activities that are taken seriously and are introduced as impactful and approachable challenges, can be inherently meaningful and educational. It is not simply learning how to get dressed or peeling some fruit. The child learns how to follow a multifaceted motor sequence, independently, for him to fulfil his …

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Choosing The Best Type Of Dance For Beginners

Ballet Classes

Children tend to be full; of energy and often struggle with direction. While it’s true that some kids discover their passion young in life, many don’t. This leads to parents needing and wanting to find the activities that will be beneficial and create potential opportunities for them in the future.  …

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Back To School Fun With Play-Doh

Happy girl laying with Play-Doh

The past year has challenged parents in many ways including finding endless at-home activities to keep kids entertained while ensuring they continue to learn and develop outside of a traditional classroom environment. Fostering creativity, being able to think out of the box, brainstorming, generating new ideas and improving on existing …

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Learning How to Ski For Kids

Kids skiing

Learning to ski is fun, and can even be quite affordable with a bit of practice. This is one of those sports that all families enjoy. Parents love to have children around while they learn to ride snowboards or snow-ski, which can even make for an educational and bonding experience. …

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