Make your own foam bath paint

Kids Activities: Foam Bath Paint

This was another winner, after making her foam bath paint my daughter didn’t want to get out the bath!

Simply mix a drop food colour with shaving cream. Make a few different colours for your child and put your child in the bath with the foam bath paint and a paint brush.

The best part is that the shaving cream acts as a cleaning agent, so cleaning the bath is as simple as just washing it down the drain. I have to admit that my daughter had  some funny colours on her tummy after her bath, but it was well worth the fun and it washed off the next day.

This was a fantastic kids activity for us.

Have you tried foam bath paint before?

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  1. That sounds like it would be right up my daughter, Kenzy’s, alley!

  2. Joanne you’ve got to try it! My daughter didn’t want to get out of the bath lol, had to force her out because the water got so cold after being in there for so long 🙂 this has so far been one of the best activities I have tried with my girl. Lucky it’s for the bath cos it is messy!

  3. 🙂 so cool. My boy would love it

  4. Yeah… another awesome activity!!!
    Will try it with cousins kids and wait for my little one to grow so we can also do this together!!!

  5. Ill soon be able to try this out with my son…

  6. Martie Van Vledder

    Will definitely try it, I usually just put some food coloring in the water. Think they will love the foam paint idea!

  7. I will have to get this for my son he will love it. Thank you.

  8. Super fun for kids. I need to try this for my little o e I know he would have a blast.

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