Colour Changing Chalk

Kids Activities: Colour Changing Chalk

This colour changing chalk activity was fun and easy to make with ingredients that you probably have at home anyway.


  • Tomato Sauce Bottles/ Squirt Bottles
  • Maizena
  • Bicarbonate of Soda
  • Food Colouring
  • White Vinegar

Chalk Mix

Fill bottles 2/3 with an equal mix of Maizena and Bicarbonate of Soda, add some food colouring to each bottle and then fill to the top with water. Use a butter knife to stir and then shake well.

Vinegar Mix

Fill bottles with Vinegar and add some food colouring.

Colour Changing Chalk Activity

Give the bottles to the kids and watch them play. I took my daughter to visit the neighbours kids and their friends and they had a wonderful time.

The chalk mixture fixes and changes colours when the vinegar mixture is squirted on top of it and then makes chalk. It kept the kids busy for ages and they went through 10 bottles!

We are on a dirt road so the chalk mixed in with sand, I think doing it on a tarred road would be much more fun….

Playing with Colour Changing Chalk
Playing with colour changing chalk

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  1. This sounds fantastic! Definitely have to try this one… Anything to keep the 4 year old busy in the holidays!! 🙂

  2. It was good Lauren 🙂 busy working on a similar one, it is Ice Chalk! Keep an eye out for it, should be coming soon.

  3. Joané-Lee Theron

    i am really going to try it coz it is hard keeping my daugther busy only thing is art and stuff to learn. Lynne can u post ways to learn kidz at home before age of 5

  4. Awesome! I’m definitely going to give this a try. My boys will love it.

  5. Yeah!!! Sharing this one with all my teacher friends!

  6. Lynne i saw you workinh on one ice chalk have you done it did i miss it somewhere these are such cool activities my son will think im this awesome cool mom with help of kaboutjie making these stuff for him you share with us.

  7. such a fun way to keep ourr kids enetertained

  8. Awesome thank you for this cool recipe.
    My son would definitely have a blast.

  9. What a great idea with simple ingredients to keep kids busy making playtime fun time ☺

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