GivenGain Rugby World Cup 2023

Kick Off The Rugby World Cup 2023 With Giving: GivenGain Puts The Power Of Fundraising In The Hands Of South African Rugby Fans

As the Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off, South Africa is ablaze with excitement for this international sporting spectacle that transcends boundaries. Rugby, often hailed as one of the “Big Three” sports in the nation, is more than just a game here—it’s a source of national pride and a unifying force that brings South Africans together. In this spirit of togetherness, GivenGain, South Africa’s leading online fundraising platform, invites rugby supporters to extend their love of the game to make a difference in their communities.

Rugby Fever: The 2023 Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup 2023 kicked off this September, and South Africa’s passion for rugby knows no bounds. The sport weaves its way through the fabric of the nation, inspiring a sense of unity, pride, and a shared identity. But rugby’s impact extends beyond the stadiums; it has the power to change lives.

Rugby As A Force for Good

While the national teams and their supporters will take centre stage, rugby also plays a pivotal role in uplifting at-risk youth and underserved communities. Rugby programmes across South Africa empower young people, teaching them valuable life skills while fostering values of respect, teamwork, passion, and discipline.

From The Stands To Fundraising: Joining The Game

GivenGain recognises that the love for rugby can transcend the sport itself. It can be channelled into making a positive impact on society. South African rugby supporters now have the opportunity to extend their passion for the game to fundraising for local charities that use rugby as a vehicle for change—all online.

GivenGain: Your Fundraising Partner

GivenGain, a non-profit fundraising tech platform, is the ideal tool for rugby fans looking to make a difference. It empowers supporters to fundraise on behalf of the charities they are passionate about. What sets GivenGain apart is its commitment to transparency—all funds raised go directly to the charity, ensuring that your contribution makes a tangible impact.

Meet Ron Rutland: A South African Making Waves In Fundraising

One South African who has taken the fundraising game to the next level is Ron Rutland. His campaign, “Race To Rugby World Cup 2023”, has already raised just under R300,000 and is steadily growing. What makes Ron’s story remarkable is not just the funds he’s raised but the incredible journey he embarked on.

“Sport (and beer, and food) are some of the easiest ways to connect with people in foreign lands…even if people have never heard of or seen Rugby, pull out a rugby ball, and all barriers immediately evaporate.” – Ron Rutland

Ron cycled from Australia to Paris to kick off the Rugby World Cup, visiting 25 countries, crossing 22,000 kilometres across four continents from Auckland to Paris over 300 days. Over the last ten years, Ron has pedalled approximately 80,000 kilometres, traversing over 100 countries between Rugby World Cups. During his journey, he supported remarkable organisations but also distributed whistles and connected with people across the world.

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A Commendation From World Rugby

Ron’s dedication to fundraising has earned him the endorsement of World Rugby which entrusted Ron with the very special commemorative match whistle presented to the referee of the opening match of France 2023.

ChildFund Rugby: Empowering Through Sport

Ron’s fundraising efforts have benefited ChildFund Rugby, which advocates for the right to play and learn in vulnerable communities. They provide essential learning opportunities for children by leveraging rugby’s core values to create an inclusive environment that fosters life skills learning for all. Their belief in the power of sport to change children’s lives gives disadvantaged young people the opportunity to play, learn, and lead.

Join The Giving Game

As South Africa cheers on during the Rugby World Cup 2023, GivenGain invites every rugby fan to become a champion for a cause they care about.

“We know there are more South Africans out there like Ron who have a cause to champion and a story to tell. It’s at the core of what we do—empowering supporters to fundraise on behalf of a charity they care about. We’ve made it quick and easy enough to set up during half-time!” – Jannie Smith, Regional Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at GivenGain

Whether it’s through your love for rugby or the generosity of spirit, you can make a significant impact. Join people like Ron Rutland on GivenGain, and the rugby-loving community in transforming your passion into action and creating a legacy that will make South Africa and its communities stronger than ever.

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About GivenGain Foundation

GivenGain is a global non-profit fundraising platform. Founded in 2001, they’ve helped charities raise hundreds of millions of rands across the globe, in over 100 countries. As a non-profit, they exist solely to help charities and don’t profit from fundraising. It’s these values combined with best-in-class technology and a team to match that means they’re trusted by world-leading organisations like Unicef, Deloitte and the Boston Marathon.

To find out more about GivenGain, visit their website, or find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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