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Keeping My Kids Strong Everyday With NutriDay

Motherhood has brought many joys as well as many challenges. One of the biggest challenges that I have faced as a busy mom, is making sure that my kids eat enough healthy foods that provide the right nutrition.Providing healthy food for my kids is easy, getting them to eat it consistently is not so easy. My kids love something today and the next day they love something else. Some days they eat like crazy and the next day they refuse to eat anything. Packing school lunches has always been a challenge and so often lunchboxes have returned from school untouched.

I believe this is a common frustration for most parents. One thing that my kids love and continue to eat every day is NutriDay yogurt.

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Keeping My Kids Strong Every Day With NutriDay

Here’s Why I Choose Nutriday For My Family

My Kids and I Love It

Let’s face it, taste comes first, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t taste good my kids and I wouldn’t be eating it. Yoghurt is a great way to get in our recommended dairy intake every day.My kids can take down a 6-pack of yoghurt in the blink of an eye, without me having to beg and plead with them to eat. Yoghurt is incredibly versatile – it can be eaten for breakfast alone or with muesli and/ or fruit, as a snack. As a drink, use it to make a smoothie with fresh fruits, as a dessert and you can cook with it too.


Convenient and Easy

I love the NutriDay small pack yoghurts. They are the perfect size for lunchboxes, which makes getting lunches prepared for school so easy! Another awesome factor is that the NutriDay yoghurt stays thick and creamy throughout the day in their lunchboxes, which makes it still great to eat by the time they get to it.

Other yoghurts may go thin and watery very quick, especially when they arent consumed straight out of the fridge. When this happens, my kids don’t enjoy the taste of yogurt. This leaves me with an open yoghurt, in a lunchbox that has been sitting in a bag all day . I’m sure you’ve been there and opened up that mess when you got home with your kids before? Not convenient or pleasant cleaning up that mess.

Great Nutrition For Healthy Kids

The most important reason I choose NutriDay is that it is the most nutritional choice for my family. It benefits their health. Yoghurt is high in calcium and protein, offering many health benefits. Consuming yoghurt has been associated with a lower risk of obesity, better dietary intake, lowered cardiometabolic risk, and healthier lifestyles. In addition to these health benefit, NutriDay yoghurt has been fortified with additional nutrients.

Danone staff

I Love What Danone Stands For

In all honesty, before I went on a tour of the Danone factory in March, all yoghurt was pretty much the same to me. I never believed I would become a true fan of a brand of yoghurt, but this is what happened after the tour. In fact, even my kids are die-hard NutriDay fans now and insist on choosing only it. When on the tour, there were a few things that stood out for me that I really loved.

The first is that Danone is very much about family. The vibe of all the staff is like that of a family and they support staff being family orientated. One of the walls in the factory is dedicated to photos of staff members and there is an area filled with their kids’ photos.Being a bit of a feminist, I also loved that there were so many women employed at Danone – in all levels of employment. I love gender equality.

A presentation was given by the director, but as we moved through each part of the factory the people that worked in each part took over to tell us about what that section did, giving us some real insight into the process and letting us get to know who is behind the doors of Danone.

NutriDay Nutritional Benefits

  • NutriDay smooth yoghurt offers 5 nutrients that offer the below health benefits for your entire family.
  • Strong Eyes – Vitamin A is needed for normal vision.
  • Strong Energy – B Vitamins help to change the food we eat into energy.
  • Strong Mind – Certain B Vitamins (Niacin, Folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Biotin) assist with normal brain function.
  • Strong Bones – Vitamin D is important for calcium absorption which assists to build strong bones and teeth.
  • Strong Heart – Vitamin E assists with heart health.

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  1. I created my own demons.. im not a fan of pieces in my yoghurt, no idea why but none the less my kids turned out just like me.. will only do smooth yoghurt.. and i’ve tried all sorts of things with them. They go through these stages where they will love to have an “eating yoghurt” as they call it and other times only a drinking yoghurt will work. Guess they are just as full of nonsense as their mom lol

    • Lynn my kids are always changing their minds, especially when it comes to food. Thankfully yoghurt is one of the things that they love all the time.

      The texture of yoghurt is always important and many people prefer the smooth yoghurts. I personally love the bits of fruit in yoghurt and even when I have plain smooth yoghurt I will often add fruit it.

      My kids love finding bits of fruit in their yoghurt. Thankfully NutriDay caters for all preferences so you can get the smooth yoghurt and the one with bits in it too!

    • Nutriday is the perfect choice. My your youngest son prefer the smooth berry flavoured yoghurt and I like the bigger pots with fruit in. It is the perfect snack for picky eaters and sometimes it the only breakfast that I have time for. Our family love Nutriday

  2. Elize Swanepoel

    Wow, great article @Lynne and thanks for the information.I especially love the part of the brand being all about family. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that Nutriday is currently on special at R13.99 for a six-pack at our local Spar and I will be buying more from Shoprite today where they retail at R26.00 for two six-packs. Now that’s what I call a bonus. The flavors are divine and my son just loves his yogurt.

    • I was so surprised at how much I love their company and how they support family. I loved the tour and meeting everyone at Danone, it was a great experience. Thanks for sharing the special – I thin it is also going at Checkers, I noticed yesterday how the prices seemed lower than normal. Bonus!

  3. I had never heard about NutriDay before! Both looks and sounds really good, and what an added bonus that it is so nutritious, yum yum

  4. Theshnee Reddy

    Oh my NutriDay.. I grew up having NutriDay as a snack.. My grandmother used to buy the 1kg.. Per week! I remember strawberry pieces used to be so divine..
    I now purchase the snack pack of 6 for my toddlers.. 1 6 pack lasts 3 days.. Roughly about 10 x 6 packs per month.. And they love the mixed pack.. New flavors

  5. Yummm this yogurt sounds delicious! It is so important for us moms to get healthy and nutritious snack options for our little ones 🙂 thanks for sharing

  6. We are always on the go and I struggle with packing quick, healthy, and tasty foods that my 5 yr old will eat! She gets tired of the apple sauce pouches and pb&j sandwiches! I will definitely have to try these out!

  7. My first choice for a snack for my five children when they open our fridge is the Nutriday yougart, my boys love the larger containers.

  8. Shivi@cosmochics

    This really sounds like a very good and healthy option! Very soon my kid will start his pre school and this would be so helpful 🙂

  9. Being a mother I am always in the lookout for healthy yet easy food options for my kid.I am definitely going to try this

  10. Nuraan Abrahams

    Will definitely buy for my kids

  11. Aletta Granger

    Gelukkig is my kinders mal oor hulle Yogurt. Jongste is sommer kwaai as daar nie in die yskas is nie ?

  12. Cheron Hercules

    NutriDay is a yoghurt good for your growing child. Very smooth and delicious

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