Join the Kaboutjie Facebook group

Join the Kaboutjie Facebook group!

Happy Thursday to everyone!

I hope you have had a good week?

With school holidays looming next week I am not sure what that means to you, perhaps it means you are excited to spend time with your kids at home or perhaps you work full-time leaving you and plenty of other mothers with a childcare dilemma?

I hope it means happiness and fun for your family and not stressed out worried about how you will cope. I am just so grateful that I have reached a time and place in my life where being a mom has become just that much easier.

Being a blogger means my hours are a lot more flexible and when things go pear shaped at least I can post about it and we can all have a good giggle about it, like that one awful morning that I posted about last year!

Anyway, I am off on a tangent again. What I wanted to chat about is my Kaboutjie group on Facebook.

Have you joined the Kaboutjie group on Facebook?

If you haven’t yet joined I invite you to join the group.

Ok so I bet you are wondering why on earth you would want to right? Well it is part of Kaboutjie, so it is another way to increase your chances of being Fan Of The Month and winning R500 in a few days for starters. If you don’t win this month don’t worry, this is a monthly competition!

Remember the more I see you on my website and engaging with me the better your chances, so make yourself seen.

If you have a mommy blog, or a business which is in any way related to family, parenting or women you are welcome to post some ads in this group too, which will help to reach a wider audience online.

Just bear in mind that I will delete any posts which I feel are not appropriate for this group, sorry but it must be kept relevant otherwise it just becomes a mess. I will also delete posts that are shared too often so that it doesn’t become a spam fest.

In addition to being a place for mommy run businesses to share their products and services,  the intention of the group is to be a community space, for moms to meet, ask questions and get support.

When the group reaches 500 members

I will go through the mommy business posts and choose someone that has invited 10 people into the group.

That post will be pinned to the top of the group for one week and shared on my Kaboutjie Facebook page which has over 40 000 fans!

Once the group has reached 500 members I have a lot more give-aways and competitions planned to help grow it into an incredible community space so I hope to see you there.

Are you a member yet? Are you joining or not?

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  1. I love your posts. Usually such helpful things in them.

  2. Hi Lynne,
    This is really so thoughtful and exciting!Being a mum is definitely not easy and support/encouragement from other women is really encouraging.I love that you are creating a forum where other people can also advertise their products/services.Great idea!Will definitely bookmark this website!

    • Hi Maria

      Yes I know exactly what you mean! This mommy journey has been absolutely incredible but just as hard as it is amazing. I find the support of other moms has been a life saver. It is also great to connect with other mompreneurs and support each other on this journey of being a business woman as well as a mother.

  3. Hey Lynne. Great site. I love your posts. Informative, exciting and helpful. Definitely going on my bookmarks. Thank you for sharing with me.

  4. This sounds like a fun group to join. If you want more engagement, giveaways and monthly competitions are the best ways to go, so I salute you! I’m curious, what does Kaboutjie mean? It sounds dutch or German 🙂

    • Hi Emma

      Yes I am loving the competitions and give aways 🙂

      Kaboutjie is actually a nonsense word. Kabouter means pixie in Afrikaans and yes Afrikaans was originally derived from Dutch. When you add on “tjie” to words in Afrikaans it means little, small or baby… so Kaboutertjie would be a little pixie. Lots of people here call their baby or kids kabouter, kaboutertjie or stoute kabouter (naughty pixie). So I just shortened it and made it a nonsense word.

  5. Nice post about your group! I love the fact that your giveaways are monthly. I hope you can reach your goals soon. I am curious as to what the R500 is? I read your other post on it, but I am still not quite certain. All the best to you!

  6. Ive joined and suggest your pages to mommys on my friend list also bec u are a insperation

  7. Best thing i ever done is joing kaboutjie facebool page and register on kaboutjie website its the place to be.

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