Behind The Scenes June 2023 – Plus Giveaway

I’m so sorry my June 2023 monthly update is so late, things got incredibly hard at the beginning of July when I was planning on publishing my update and got even harder as the month went on. However, I will share about that in my July update.

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Behind The Scenes June 2023

June Date With Hubby

For our June date hubby and I went for lunch at Creative Divas in Velddrif. Another new spot for me but one that my husband has been to a few times. It is a lovely place with a great atmosphere and it also has a craft shop.

We both had the breakfast and a divine cappuccino. This is another place I will be visiting regularly moving forward.


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SEO Course

I’m so excited! I’ve registered with the University Of Cape Town to do an SEO course. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, simply put it is how you get your website to rank and get search traffic to your site. I love SEO and I’ve learned a lot over the years on my own, but I want to really get stuck into it and offer SEO services to clients. The course is 10 weeks long and starts in September.

A Dishwasher And Air Fryer

My father in law bought me a dishwasher and OMG is it amazing! It is the first time I’ve had a dishwasher and it is a life changer. My kitchen was always constantly messy and every time I looked at the sink there was a pile of dishes no matter how often I washed up. It has freed up my time and even made me enjoy cooking again, knowing I won’t have to face all the washing up afterwards.

I’ve also started getting into air fryer cooking. When we moved my father in law left his air fryer in our house and I was a bit hesitant using it since I had no idea how to work it, so I didn’t touch it for a few months. Then I used it once and I was hooked. It is so amazing I haven’t used my oven once in over a month.

It is so easy to use, it cooks food perfectly, and fast. It is also easy to clean. It is so easy to use my kids are making meals in it and it is much safer for them to use the air fryer than it is to use the oven so they’ve been going wild.

I will share some air fryer recipes once I’ve played around with it a bit more. I’m still sticking to really basic meals at the moment. I highly recommend you buy an air fryer!


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Partnering With SnapnSave

SnapnSave contacted me and offered to partner with me to bring you an extra 5% cash back! I’m so chuffed with this partnership. I really love ways to earn money and to save where I can and I know so many moms are also looking at this with all the price increases we have been facing.

Get an extra 5% back from SnapnSave by signing up through this link - only valid for new signups!

Winter Holidays

I’m so grateful for the winter holidays! This winter is so cold and getting up at 05h30 every morning has been painful, so I’m loving sleeping late. My kids and I went to visit my parent’s at their farm in Swellendam at the end of June and it was such a lovely visit. Thankfully it didn’t rain while we were there and the farm is so beautiful at this time of year, so we had some stunning walks. I also got lots of rest and a break from screens.


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Cremora Fridge Tart

I made another Cremora fridge tart and I changed it up a bit and it really came out tops! Previously I made it with crushed biscuits sprinkled on the top, this time I put lemon zest on top. It made it look so much more appealing and was so tasty. I’ve updated my Cremora fridge tart recipe, so check it out.


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Body Pain From Fall

I shared in my last monthly update about stepping on my son’s skateboard and having a nasty fall. It’s been about 8 weeks since it happened and my left shoulder and arm are still sore. It’s been hard to get things done when I can not use my left arm like I used to. Thankfully I went for a Body Stress Release session a few weeks back which really helped but there is still lingering pain. I’m sure the cold weather is not helping either.



It took me a long time to get going with my garden after moving to Velddrif last year, but I’m pleased to say that it is now coming along really well. While I enjoy pretty flowers I love growing things I can eat. I love that feeling of going out into my garden to pick something for dinner. Plus there is the financial saving, since we eat salad with supper every night.

I’ve got parsley, rosemary, baby spinach, lettuce, coriander, garden cress, radish, rocket, and tomatoes growing.

Coupon Codes And Competitions

I’ve got a few competitions running on my blog, you can check them out here. I’ve also got some discount codes from companies that you can access here. You can also access both these pages from my website’s main menu.

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  3. hey Lynne
    Thank you for the post you post mostly about parenting they are very helpful especially to new moms.

    • Tried to make the cremora fridge tart…delicious…so delicious.I live this group so much interacting with other mum’s and getting info learning something new everyday…feel like you not alone.

      • Lynne Huysamen

        I’m so glad you enjoyed the Cremora tart! It’s always a hit in our home 🙂

  4. That looks yummy

  5. would love to try this cremora tart❤️

  6. Chantel van Aswegen

    I really REALLY want a Air Fryer, anyone that can SHOULD invest in one!!!
    Our family LOVES Cremona Fridge Tart….

  7. Deborah Blanchard

    Great giveaway

  8. Deborah Blanchard

    Hii I am not a gardener but my husband has encouraged me to grow herbs and other veggies in pots and I am loving it. He calls it our Garden of Gethsemane because that is where we are closest to tge earth abd closest to God

  9. yummyyy I love the Cremora tart

  10. the Cremona tart is a definitely must try , it looks delicious ????

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