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Juffroushoogte Restaurant Review – Our Perfect Girls Night Out!

In November my two girlfriends (Yvette Hess and Siobhan Moller – check out their blogs) and I decided to have a girls night out, it was actually a going away party for Yvette that has now moved away to another town. After a few days of debating what to do and where to go we finally decided on a night out for a meal at Juffroushoogte.

***Full Disclosure – this is not a paid review, just a place I went to eat out at*** 

Now while a meal out may not exactly sound like an exciting evening to many people, to a mom that does not have much of a social life other than having tea parties at home with her own kids…. well it’s pretty darn exciting to me.

I worked out that the last girls night I had was when my son was a few months old and I was visiting my mom in Cape Town. My son is now 4 years old… you get the picture right?

Before that evening I had never been to Juffroushoogte, but my husband had brought me home a Moerse Burger which was massive and darn good. That was probably a year or more ago.

Yes my friends and I ate there in November and I am only writing my review now in January – but in my defense it has been a hectic few months with my daughter’s 6th birthday party at the end of October, my son’s birthday party at the beginning of December, my daughter’s Grade R graduation and then Christmas, New Years and all the rest of the festive season craziness.

On top of that work is so busy, it feels like I can hardly get to any of the blog posts I plan to write!

Anyway, so here we are a few months later and I have finally found the time to share about our meal out at Juffroushoogte Restaurant!

Juffroushoogte Guest Farm is on the R45 outside Vredenburg, just before you get onto the R27.

Our waitress was amazing and gave us the best service ever, which really made the night special for us. She was great fun and made sure everything was perfect.

We decided to share two starters between the three of us – stuffed mushrooms and cheesy garlic bread. The stuffed mushrooms were good… and the cheesy garlic bread was hands down the best garlic bread I have ever eaten out.

Starters - cheesy garlic bread and stuff mushrooms

I love garlic bread and I don’t often order it – I prefer to make my own when we braai at home so I am not disappointed. What a pleasant surprise we had. They are not shy with the garlic, the bread was soft and there was plenty of butter. There is just nothing worse than a dry garlic bread with sparse garlic!

If you eat there I highly recommend that you try out their cheesy garlic bread, it was the highlight of the evening for us.

For my main meal I had calamari strips with chips and veggies. I love it when restaurants serve vegetables with the meal, I love my veggies and  am trying to lose weight so this helps a lot more than having just a meat and starch meal like so many restaurants serve. The vegetables were butternut and cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce.

My calamari was lovely and soft , cooked perfectly and the vegetables and chips were also great. It was a good sized meal, which I couldn’t come close to finishing especially considering I was leaving space for something sweet afterwards. I took a doggie bag home and enjoyed the rest the next day for lunch.

Calamari Chips and Veggies

For dessert we shared two malva puddings with ice cream. Unfortunately we were enjoying ourselves so much that it completely slipped our mind to take any photos!

When Siobhan heard I was writing a review she put in a special request accompanied by a picture of her chocolate coffee milkshake – she said it was absolutely divine and you all need to know to get one if you are there!

Juffroushoogte divine chocolate milkshake

Overall a wonderful evening. If you live in the area or you are on holiday in the West Coast then I do recommend that you try out Juffroushoogte restaurant. Being a guest house they also have accommodation – check out more on the Juffroushoogte Guest House website.

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  1. 1. Now I’m in the mood for garlic bread. Need to find some other bread thing to make that with.
    2. THAT milkshake was amazing but it was actually a coffee one. It kept me up until late into the night after we went home but it was WELL worth it in my opinion 😀

    • Oh dear well then time for a quick edit @siobhan! I’ve got some really good homemade garlic bread in my freezer ready for an emergency… but it isn’t a cheesy one. Is this an emergency? lol

      • When isn’t garlic bread an emergency?
        I had some the weekend – oh it was so good. Buttery and garlicy (okay it could’ve done with more garlic LOL).
        I’ve ordered some homemade rye bread so going to try make garlic bread with that this week.

  2. The items that you had ordered off the menu looks yummy.
    If this place was nearer to me would of definitely tried it.
    I am more of a junk food take out kind of person rather than looking for veggies in my take out’s. I do agree it is healthy, but I leave healthy for home. LOL

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