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Jars Of Hope – A Brilliant Way To Help A Family In Need

My mom told me about Jars Of Hope when we were in lockdown and I thought it was a fantastic idea to help families in need in such a simple and easy way. Jars Of Hope were started during the pandemic and started trending all over social media, so yes it has taken me a while to get to sharing about this but this festive season it came to mind when I received so many inbox messages on Facebook asking for help. While I can’t personally help with donations I can make some Jars Of Hope to help feed a family.

Jars Of Hope

What Is A Jar Of Hope?

A Jar Of Hope is a glass coffee jar filled with layers of soup mix, rice, lentils, soup powder, and stock. It can then be added to water and boiled to feed a family of four.

How To Make A Jar Of Hope

Making a Jar Of Hope is super easy, simply add the following ingredients into a 100g glass coffee jar:

  • ½ cup of rice
  • ½ cup of soup mix
  • ½ cup of lentils
  • 1 stock cube
  • 1 packet of soup mix

Add the ingredients to 2½ litres of water and boiled while stirring to make food for four people.

Take note that I used a 200g coffee jar in my photo and the ingredients only came up half way so I doubled the ingredients which will feed eight people. If you want to feed a family of four use a 100g jar.

How Jars Of Hope Came About

Jars Of Hope came about when Angie from Health, Heart, and Home when she saw how many people were going hungry so she made a Jar Of Hope and took a photo of it and put it on Facebook – the photo went viral.

Who To Give A Jar Of Hope To

There is no specific organization to give a Jar Of Hope to, however, there are loads of families in need. My recommendation is to contact your local church or community centre and ask them about feeding programs in the area and where you can drop of your Jars Of Hope. When I have people contacting me asking for help with money or food I always recommend contacting their local church for assistance.

You can also keep them on hand in your car or home for in case anyone comes to you to ask for food.

I’m sure orphanages, homes of safety, homeless shelters and other similar places would welcome Jars Of Hope.

Yes the pandemic crisis appears to be over for now, but there are still so many people that need help feeding their families. I encourage you to make a Jar Of Hope and deliver it to your nearest church so when people ask for help they can be fed. Remember that there are many ways to support charity.

If everyone that is able to did this regularly imagine how many families could be fed?

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