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Intimate Hearts – The Ultimate Romantic Intimate Bed Protector

Intimate Hearts the ultimate romantic intimate mattress protector

Sex is not always a neat and tidy affair at the best of times, add in some lube or massage oil and your bedding and mattress could be at worst be ruined and at best mean a load of extra washing… well if you are having regular sex like we all hope for.

Yes you can use a towel or something else to lie on while doing the deed, but really that can be a little bit of a libido killer.

In comes this wonderful and awesome product called Intimate Hearts and your problem is completely solved. Intimate Hearts are not only practical in that they are waterproof and protect your mattress, but also so romantic and comfortable which can really add to your sexual experience too. Washing your Intimate Heart is much easier than washing all your bedding.

These Intimate Hearts are made with a lovely satin or fur fabric and they are specially made to be non-slip. You can use them on your bed, on the couch, on the carpet (good-bye carpet burns right?) and anywhere else that you may decide to be adventurous with your partner.

On the romantic side this is a wonderful way for a woman to let her partner know that she wants to be intimate with him and at the same time bring some romance into it by making love on a huge satin heart.

I can only imagine how happy it will make a man to come home and find his bed kitted out like this giving him a loud and clear message that tonight is the night he is getting lucky!

In a previous post I spoke about sex after kids and how it really is important to make an effort to have sex with your partner after you start a family. Bringing in some romance and fun into the equation with one of these Intimate Hearts will certainly ignite the passion and give your sex life a big boost that may be well needed.

Intimate Hearts were designed by Martha Laboriel while she was training to become a clinical counselor and realized the need for a mattress protector that would be sensual and invite intimacy. It looks to me like she has nailed it with this awesome product!

You can get your Intimate Heart in a variety of patterns and colors, made either in silky satin fabric, or in a fluffy and soft fur fabric. You can view all the different designs and place your order on the Intimate Hearts Ignite Passion website.

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