How To Use A Deep Fryer

How to Use a Deep Fryer: Effective Tips for You

There are many deep fryers in the market, a majority of which look quite similar. They however may be packed with various functions that may cause a huge difference while deep frying. The technique you use on the fryer depends on the type of food that you’re frying. Whether you want to make crispy fries to deep fried chicken, it is essential that you know how to handle and effectively utilise a deep fryer. Here is a step by step guide on how to use one.

How to use a deep fryer

  1. Set up your deep fryer

Most electric deep fryers come in pieces: the lid, the basket and the body in which the frying oil is put which is connected to the thermostat and power cord. Some come with a subsequent high heat non-stick bowl that is placed on top of the heating elements. Set up the fryer ensuring that it is plugged in to the switch and powered up ready for use.

  1. Fill it with sufficient oil

It is important that you choose the right oil. Whether it is vegetable oil to the high smoking peanut oil suitable for high temperature cooking. Choosing the right oil has an effect on the general taste of what you are eating. It is also vital because it prevents corroding of the fryer. Always pour the oil in the deep fryer while it cools to avoid any mishaps and the risk of oil splatter. Do not overfill the fryer but have just enough for it to fully cover the food. Always look out for the minimum and maximum line groove that usually marks the optimum amount of oil to use.

  1. Turn up the heat!

Depending on the model of deep fryer that you have, make sure the switch is flicked to the on position. In most models, turning up the heat is as easy as setting the timer and temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Ensure that you have turned it to the right heat level for your food. Most models have an automatic thermostat, hence it automatically regulates the temperature while cooking. If it does not have one, then you can easily purchase a thermostat.

  1. Dry the food well

Dangerous oil splattering is that awful sound when oil seems to jump off the dryer. As you know, oil and water do not mix, they are immiscible liquids. Therefore, whatever that you are deep frying needs to be completely dry to avoid the hazardous oil spatter and oil burns as well. Meat and frozen foods usually have a high moisture content, therefore it is crucial that you dry the food up as much as possible.

  1. Be gently and slow with the dip

Most deep fryer models have a food basket where you can put in first before dipping. It is quite an easy process because all you have to do is to dip it slowly. This prevents the pre-heated oil from getting out of the fryer. It is important that you do not overload the deep fryer because it reduces the oil temperature and generally makes it less effective. It may also lead to a spill over when changing the food to be deep fried.

In the event that you don’t have a basket for your fryer, it is recommended that you use a large fork with a long handle. This is more risky hence the longer the handle, the more safe you are from getting burned.

  1. Set the Timer and wait

Do some research on how long you should deep fry certain kinds of meals. You may also be experienced and know the time necessary to deep fry the food. Either way, it is crucial that you set the timer because we do not have a �mental clock’ as some may suggest. This is crucial in ensuring that your food does not become over cooked in the process. If the deep fryer model does not have a timer, set one on your phone before engaging in any other activities.

  1. Slowly and gently remove the food once fried

When your timer goes off, check on your food. If it shows a golden colour coating, then your food is ready to be removed. Simply lift up the basket gently out of the deep fryer or use a perforated slotted spoon, in the event you do not have a basket, to select the food in the fryer. Ensure the excess oil has drained out of the basket before pouring it into the container or rack.

  1. Let it dry for a while

The fried food needs to settle and dry before being placed on a plate. It is essential that you place it on a drying rack or simply pat and blot the food with a kitchen towel. This ensures that the oil that remains outside the food is eliminated and ensures that you do not eat unnecessary oil. This is what generally makes the food not edible after being freshly removed from the fryer.

  1. Enjoy your meal

Indulge in your fried food. Whether it is breadcrumb-filled chicken or a side of deep fried potatoes for your Sunday brunch, enjoy the tasty and crispy crunch of fried food. As a chef or a frequent cook, it is important for you to sample you food in order to decide whether you had set the correct temperature or fried the food for the right amount of time. This is vital in ensuring that you progressively become better in deep frying.

How to choose an air fryer

Things to Look Out For When Choosing a Deep Fryer

It is important that you find out how to choose a deep fryer. Quick things to look out for include:

  • The temperature range: this allows you to have a variety of options of how to effectively deep fry your food
  • The frying basket: some models do not have a frying basket which is crucial for your general safety. It is advisable that you purchase one that has a stiff frying basket.
  • A timer: it is helpful if the deep fryer comes with an in built timer that has a loud ding or ring when it has finished frying.
  • The right size: this will depend on the use of the fryer. For commercial kitchens, larger deep fryers of more than 60cm are used while for the home setting, the maximum could go up to 30cm. There is a wide range of sizes that you can choose from depending on how frequent you use and what amount of food you deep fry at once.
  • An effective thermostat: this is crucial in regulating the temperature of the oil. Having the optimum temperature for your food is crucial in ensuring that you do not overcook or undercook your food.
  • Energy consumption: with new technology, deep fryers are being designed to be more eco-friendly and more effective in deep frying. Choose one that effectively deep fries with a lower energy consumption. It is good to be environmentally conscious.
  • Quality: finally, the quality of the interior part of the fryer is crucial as it is the one that determines the durability of the fryer. Always make sure that the company you choose has a history of producing high quality deep fryers.


It is important that you know how to use a deep fryer and choose one as well. This prevents unnecessary accidents as well as ensures that your food is fried well. It is also vital in ensuring that you choose the right cooking oil for your food giving you the overall high quality taste of food.

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  1. I’m really glad you put this up. I was making meatballs and chips for dinner the other night and my hubby and I were wondering why the chips always take so long … that was when I realised that I’m still using the same (2l) pot to fry chips that I always used since we first lived together .. Well, the problem with that is that now we’re making chips for five instead of two! I don’t know why this took us so long to realise but now we’re considering a deep fryer so this article is really helpful.
    It’s always nice to know what to look for when you’re buying something you’ve never bought before.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      LOL @lisabennett I know exactly what you mean! I find if I cut up 5 medium potatoes for chips that is the limit for hot chips in my pot and my hubby can eat that on his own! I am also planning on buying a deep fryer since if I am cooking for our family of 4 my pot just doesn’t do it.

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